Lion’s Mane Extracts: A Versatile Tool for Supercharging Your Life

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Since the dawn of time, man has always been in an almost continuous struggle with nature. From the time of the nomads, where the fire at night protected the very early human beings from the cold of the night as well as the beasts that roamed about those wastelands. One could even argue that civilization only came into being so that man was sheltered enough from the very rough, scratchy parts of nature. Today, we are many millennia into the dawn of civilization and for some time, humankind has been feeling a certain sense of loneliness. In the castles and cities that we have built in order to shelter ourselves from nature, we have realized that we have perhaps insulated ourselves from nature too much. After all, nature is not just one beast, it is a collection of elements that form the very base of our own existence. After all, we have to realize that we come from nature ourselves, and we are a part of it too.

We see this most clearly in the things we consume. Our fast food is processed and contains a recipe for sickness. While people are living longer than ever due to the miracles of modern medicine, one can’t say with absolute certainty that we are living better than we used to. In response to the KFCs and Burger Kings of our time, the genesis of a counterculture has taken place in the form of people who want to go back to nature. As a society, we are more confused and polarized than ever. However, this is considered to be a step in the right direction by many people.

Capitalism, as it often does, has been able to permeate this as well. It has somehow become that being able to eat healthily is now a privilege that you can only afford when you have a lot of money. Just a walk into a supermarket will provide ample evidence to support this conclusion. The ‘health-friendly’ items are not only priced exorbitantly but also are really advertised as more than they really are. This has resulted in people almost perceiving a healthy lifestyle as one that is expensive and can only be found in the villas of Beverly Hills. Today, we will explore this assumption and prove it to be completely wrong.

lion's mane mushroom

Mushrooms, A Gateway to Good Health

As yourself, what are the biggest health issues that plague America today. The answer is probably going to be an overwhelming list of issues that is going to be topped with one thing: heart disease. The numbers support that statement as well. It is the leading cause of death in America. America, a country that was once known as the land of exertion, strength and opportunity is now one of the unhealthiest nations in the entire world. The culprit for this degeneration is also painfully obvious. It is the fast-food chains who have been poisoning our bodies every day. Their food is cheap and tasty. Logic dictates that there is a place where they are indeed cutting corners. They have been cutting corners in the health portion of the food for as long as time now. Everyone has simply accepted it at this point, and everyone has agreed to simply let it be.

The best time to change our diets was tomorrow, the second-best time is now. Leading this health revolution that has swept the streets of America are the organic growers of the country. The farmers who have been welcomed back into the fold. Their food is healthy, reasonably priced and fosters a sense of community that one could say was lost for a long time. Mushrooms are another thing that has really gained a lot of momentum in the very recent past. They are great for your health and can teach your kids the value of growth, a life lesson that is too valuable to miss out on. The one issue that a lot of indoor farmers had with growing mushrooms was that it required an almost scientific level of precision to grow mushrooms. Temperature and moisture were both conditions that had to be calibrated to near-perfection, making many people simply not bothered enough to go for growing mushrooms.

However, today, that is no longer the case. The advent of mushroom growing kits by family-run outfits like Lone Star Mushrooms have revolutionized not only the way people grow mushrooms but also the way people look at a healthy diet. Today, the great health benefits of mushroom growing kits are no longer behind an expensive paywall, but well within the reach of everyone. In fact, this experiment has been so successful that we have managed to introduce a whole suite of products such as lion's mane extracts that you put into the food that you consume daily. Take your morning smoothie for example. It is a good habit, and it is quite healthy to consume it. If, however, you want to supercharge your brain and be a little fitter when you wake up every day, a few drops of lion’s mane extracts will unlock a whole plethora of health benefits for you.

lion's mane extracts


One of the rarest commodities of our time is focus. People seem to be completely deprived of it. Young children are being prescribed Adderall, without much regard for the health implications of taking such powerful medication. People are drinking more cups of coffee than ever, causing them to burn out. All of this is because our attention span has been completely destroyed by 7-second-long clips on the internet. There has been a lot of research that seems to point to the fact that lion’s mane mushrooms have a positive effect on your ability to focus. Once your focus has been restored, you can go after that stack of papers on your desk which you have been eternally scared of facing. You can go for that assignment that you have been avoiding for two weeks now. Life can be supercharged again.

Weight Loss

Another classic struggle that many people face today, weight loss is an incredibly hard thing to achieve. It means to go against your own habits and tendencies, something that requires the utmost focus and motivation to do so. If you need a helping hand with weight loss, lion’s mane extracts can do that for you. One has to first investigate exactly why we eat. We eat because we need energy. If we go for food that is really fattening, then we will get the energy we need but also accumulate a lot of weight as well. In order to avoid, one has to replace that unhealthy food with food that can give you the energy you need without any of the excessive baggage. Replace your daily KFC with a healthy snack (with some lion’s mane extract also mixed in) and you will be astonished at the results you see. Add a little bit of exercise on top of it and you will be astonished at the difference you will be able to spot.

So, this is exactly why you need lion’s mane extracts, a versatile tool that can help you in many different ways. All you need is a will to succeed and a helpful partner in the form of our extracts on your side.