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Meet our mushrooms and their flavor profiles!

Pink Oyster

Also known as Pluerotus Djamor these bright pink mushrooms pack an impressive nutritional profile. These oysters are known to be quick colonizers and heavy yielding but their short shelf life makes them a rare find.

Flavor: mild, meaty, nutty

Recipe suggestions: as bacon, pasta dishes, mushroom risotto

Lion's Mane

White fungi with shaggy spines. Research suggests Lion’s Mane may offer a range of health benefits including improved cognitive + heart health along with the ability to reduce inflammation.

Flavor: similar to lobster or crab

Recipe suggestion: "crab"cakes

Blue Oyster

Beautiful and delicious to boot, this mighty mushroom is packed with nutrition and makes the perfect ingredient to add to all of your favorite dishes.

Flavor: mild, earthy and nutty with seafood undertones

Recipe suggestion: on pizza, mushroom risotto


Extremely rich with vitamins and great for a meat alternative in vegetarian and vegan meals, shiitake are known to be a mushroom of versatility.

Flavor: rich, buttery, meaty

Recipe suggestion: in stir-fry

King Trumpet

A welcomed addition to a nutritious regime, King Trumpet mushrooms are packed full of flavor + nutritional value. Studies show they have several potential health benefits including anti-inflammatory properties and can aid in lowering cholesterol.

Flavor: meaty, savory, umami

Recipe suggestions: as pulled pork, as chicken wings

Golden Oyster

Popular for their gorgeous color and cashew-like flavor, these beauties are a great addition to many recipes! Don’t let the fruity, wine-like aroma fool you, once they’re cooked they’ll leave your taste buds with a nutty flavor.

Flavor: cashew-like, nutty

Recipe suggestions: in a bisque, pasta dishes, mushroom risotto


When fresh, these red varnished mushrooms are soft and cork-like. Reishi is known for its ability to boost immune health, fight fatigue and depression and potential cancer fighting properties.


With thin white or beige stems and small golden brown caps, chestnut mushrooms pack an earthy, slightly nutty flavor and are known to foster blood and immune health.

Flavor: earthy, slightly nutty