Will mushroom extracts show up on a drug test? No.

How do you ingest mushroom extracts? The optimal way to use our product is whatever way is the most convenient for you. This could be with hot water, coffee, tea, smoothie, shake, yogurt, bone broth, etc.

Is it best to take medicinal mushrooms with food or on an empty stomach? We have not seen any research to indicate one way over the other. We all respond differently to medicinal mushrooms so find the method that works best for you. Some might find they respond better mixing it with food where as others might respond better on an empty stomach.

Can I use mushroom extracts during pregnancy? During pregnancy, it is imperative to understand that every women responds differently to adaptogen use. It would be best to consult your healthcare physician and proceed with caution on this topic.

Why is reishi so bitter? The bitterness comes from the beneficial triterpene compounds. These compounds are found in the mushroom and our product is extracted exclusively from the mushroom (fruiting body). You want a reishi product to be bitter. If a reishi product is not bitter, start asking questions. Many so-called reishi products do not taste bitter and this is a perfect indicator of the product not containing any detectable amounts of the beneficial triterpene compounds. This is either due to inferior extraction or the product not being made from the mushroom.