About Us

Our motto...

 big enough to serve you, small enough to know you. As much as I would love to learn about you I think its best if we leave this page to tell you a bit about us.

The Owners Behind Lone Star Mushrooms...

Our company consists of three brothers. We are a family of five originally from Pennsylvania all currently living in the great state of Texas. From oldest to youngest is Ben, John, and Michael. Some say we are a lot alike and at times we couldn't be more different. I think that with our unique character traits, it has allowed us to push through some of the toughest times such as covid or toughest obstacles such as moving into a new space with great ease. 

How we got started....

First off, to read the whole story, check out our blog. (currently under construction but coming soon.. teaser)

This story always cracks people up and is definitely not what they expect to hear when asking "what made you decide to grow mushrooms?" If you know someone who has always been trying to invent a new widget and end up on shark tank, that was Michael. Before growing mushrooms he took a jab at organic chicken feed, buy/selling college books, fly deterrent for the picnic tables, hydroponic lettuce, growing lavender, and many more ventures. So where did mushrooms come from? When visiting the local farmers market, he asked the lady in charge about setting up a booth to sell hydroponic lettuce and herbs. She replied with, "we have enough of those vendors but you should grow mushrooms." Michael's response was unforgettable, "I don't like mushrooms and I don't know anything about them." To which she replied, "We have a guy that comes once a month and he sells out in about 45 minutes." His ears perked up and he responded with, "looks like we will be growing mushrooms!"
So the story isn't one you expect where we grew them as a hobby or had a close relative who was healed by them. It was the simple fact there was clearly a demand. 
On March 2, 2019 we did our very first farmers market and it was a huge success! I think we sold a whopping $125 of mushrooms and maybe took 8 pounds to the market. 

After that, we turned the garage into a mini farm which we maxed that space out by fall of 2019 producing around 120 pounds per week. In January we moved into a 1400 sq ft facility and now we currently lease 3000 sq ft and produce over 1,000 pounds of mushrooms a week.

The happy ending - When Michael said he did not like mushrooms he was referring to the white button mushroom. He has never had any of the types that we grow before. Today, he loves mushrooms and consumes them almost daily (except the white button of course).

 Our Vision...

Giving people the opportunity to consume amazing, delicious, and powerful mushrooms while reaping the rewards of a low calorie, high nutrient, superfood.