Why You Need to Add Lion’s Mane Mushroom Extract to Your Diet

lion's mane mushroom extract

Think of the word ‘potion’. What image does that inspire in your head? We can be almost certain that the visuals are of warlocks casting spells upon vampires and ogres defending treasures in dungeons. The world of fantasy is large, expansive, and powerful. In most ways, our world is the reality that we did not want to live in. While the hero in the fantasy fights dragons to save damsels in distress, the hero, in reality, has to escape through the clutches of filing your tax returns and waiting for the signal to turn red. What I mean by that is that reality can be often boring. The worlds that we dreamt up as kids simply do not exist. However, that is not always the case. Once in a while, one gets introduced to something that is truly magnificent and barely feels like reality.

There’s a scene in the 2014 movie Boyhood where the father tries to convince his son that there is enough magic in the real world as is. He describes a majestic creature in detail, one that seems like it could only exist in the world of Tolkien, only to reveal that the creature that he is referring to is the whale. Hence, it can be said with some confidence that there are things that exist even in reality that are truly tremendous. Let’s get back to the word ‘potion’. The textbook definition is of a ‘supposedly magic beverage’. That means that a liquid that can deliver you fantastical results is definitely a potion. This is exactly why you must consider lion’s mane mushroom extract to be a potion of the highest order as well. The effects that it can have on your health in all sorts of ways are simply mind-boggling.

Before we get into the benefits of adding lion’s mane mushroom extract to your diet, we must know what lion’s mane mushroom extract is. Mushroom extracts can be considered the essence of the mushrooms themselves. First, the mushroom is completely dried up. Once it is totally devoid of moisture, it is ground up into a very fine powder. This powder is then added to a water mix that already contains other compounds to create an extract. In fact, there are mushroom growing kits such as a lion's mane mushroom kit that you can buy in order to grow your own mushrooms! You can add mushroom extract to any food or drink that you want in order to give it that famed magic that mushrooms are known for.

Improved Heart Health

It is no secret that humanity is stuck inside an epidemic that is perhaps as harmful as any other you can find. This is the epidemic of high cholesterol, clogged arteries, and high body fat. Heart disease is one of the leading causes of death in the United States. What is even worse is the fact that it only seems to be on the rise. Now, the advantage that mushroom extracts can provide in this situation is the fact that research has shown that mushrooms can have a decreasing effect on cholesterol in the body. This is great news for people who have been living on fried chicken for far too long. On top of that, the delicious savory taste of mushrooms in general (not extracts) means that they can be effectively used as a replacement for meat in many dishes. Say goodbye to compromising taste for health and compromising health for taste.

Rich In Fiber

Fiber is the main reason why eating organic is so important. The consumption of fiber has numerous benefits in and of itself. The foremost is the fact that it helps the digestive process and makes you digest your food better. Constipation is no joke, with studies showing a positive correlation between high constipation and lower efficiency. If your stomach is not at peace, there’s a great chance that your mind will not be at peace either. Fiber also lowers blood cholesterol levels and regulates your blood sugar level as well. Since mushroom extracts contain fibers in spades, many of these benefits can be attained by simply using these extracts.

Source of Important Nutrients

The concept of a balanced diet essentially targets the human body’s intake of minerals and nutrients. If this ‘balance’ can be struck right, then you can consider yourself to have a balanced diet. Mushroom extracts are great sources of Selenium, Copper, Magnesium, and Phosphorus. These are all nutrients that you need. In fact, people who consume lion’s mane mushroom extract report elevated levels of energy and motivation. If you have been feeling down for a little while, this is the best time for you to get your mojo back with mushroom extracts.

Blood Pressure

Blood pressure is another issue that the vast majority of the population deals with at one point or another in their lives. The walls inside your blood vessels harden and start to constrict in size. This means that the pressure of the blood gushing through starts to rise. High blood pressure has been christened as the ‘silent killer’, and for good reason. With high blood pressure, you are more or less okay until the day you are not. When that day comes, one doesn’t have much of a chance against beating this disease. This is exactly why this problem also needs to be nipped in the bid. Mushroom extracts are a rich source of potassium, something that is known for its blood-pressure-lowering effect. Even people who have no signs of high blood pressure or a lifestyle that might lead that way need to be taking in a certain quantity of potassium each day.

Immune Boosting

In the backdrop of the coronavirus pandemic tearing through the landscape of the earth, immune health starts to become a priority. People with weak immune systems had to face the worst of the coronavirus pandemic. Their weaknesses were preyed upon by a virus that had no morality, only a biological desire to destroy everything in its wake. Today, two years later, the world is still reeling from the destruction that this virus brought upon the whole world. The world economy will perhaps never be the same, with record inflation still putting pressure on the resilient people of the world. However, humanity, as it always has, will move past this tragedy as well. The memory of those who were lost in the wake of this virus will never be forgotten and will always be remembered in the actions we take in order to make sure that something like this never happens again. One of the ways we can do that is to strengthen ourselves by making our immune systems more powerful. Mushrooms are known for their anti-inflammatory effect on the body. This means that they can decrease inflammation in the body and hence are able to strengthen our immune systems as much as possible. Considering the alarming rise of microplastics in the body, we need all the help that we can get.

Weight Loss

There are a lot of people who have to struggle with weight in their lives. The general reason for high weight is the fact that most people struggle with being able to control how much they eat. The typical answer to this is simply to eat less. However, for people who truly enjoy food, this can become quite the challenge. What one has to understand is the fact that food is not the issue, unhealthy food is. There are plenty of choices of tasty organic food that do not compromise in terms of taste. Mushrooms are one of them. While this point may be more appropriate for mushrooms than mushroom extracts, it is still a very important one to make. Research has shown that people who switch to mushrooms instead of meat in their diets will experience decreases in their body fat as well as BMI. Get ready to take out that summer body and impress everyone down the beach.

So, these are some of the many advantages of adding mushroom extracts to your diet that will simply make you undergo a revolution in terms of boosted mental and physical health. The world that we live in might often seem like ‘just reality’. However, this world was built by people who had the ability to construct this reality. These people were dreamers, people who imagined beyond the clouds in order to create spaceships. For NASA to have come into existence, you needed someone to have asked the question: What is out there in space? This is why we explore, research, and write. Even the worlds of fantasies that we love to be lost in were made by normal human beings. So, I leave you with this sentiment: No one knows what is more real, dreams or reality.