Living Organic – A Case Study

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The coronavirus pandemic was a destructive event that ran through the world’s metropolises like a fire that could not be contained. While it may not be fully over, the world has more or less resumed its original ways before the pandemic. However, the pandemic has changed the world in ways that are very permanent. The advent of work from home is perhaps the most pertinent example of this. As time goes on and most physical jobs are done by machinery, humans themselves will be required to lend their brain power in a way that will be less and less physical in nature. This means that being able to work from home will slowly become the norm. The change is already stark now.

Another way that the pandemic was able to change humanity was by fostering a more conscious approach to diet. People were dying left, right and center. Even people that you would imagine to be quite fit were being seriously affected by the virus. It laid bare the reality of our fragile mortality. One little virus that originated from some corner of the world was able to completely dominate the cultural conversation for the next 2 years. The world seemed to be breaking down and the things that we had relied upon for so many years were simply not there. The local supermarket that had reliably served you for as long as you could remember did not have tissue paper in stock anymore. Globalization has ensured that we live in a world that is more interdependent than ever. Even a simple decrease in supply can have multiple downstream effects down the line. Supply chains were being broken down and there was no answer.

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The Return of the Farmer

Food inflation was going up and up and it seemed like the availability of food itself would become a massive issue. In this time of uncertainty, the call for help was answered by local farmers. The same farmers had been run out of business by the same supply chains. They were in many ways out of the conventional process of food procurement. While the whole world was on lockdown, farmers could still reasonably produce their outputs. People started frequenting farmer’s markets more. In fact, the farming community as a whole was quick in modernizing itself, with websites and contactless delivery becoming services that were commonly featured.

They were able to fill the gaps in demand that were being left unfulfilled. In fact, since their product was much more organic and produced in a more ethical manner, the natural turn of people started to move toward organic foods. People often associated ‘living organic’ with snobby people who drive Priuses just to tell people that their gasoline cars are killing the planet. However, during the pandemic, living organic became a way of life and a much wider social movement. Today, businesses like Lone Star Mushrooms are able to send organic goodies right to your doorstep without a snag.

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Mushrooms Are the Key

People often underestimate the impact that fungi like mushrooms have on our lives. They are the reason that we are not up to our neck in waste. They are nature’s own trash removal services. They produce life from what is only waste. The health benefits that they provide are simply out of this world. Mushroom grow kits like lion’s mane mushroom kits and oyster mushroom kits are increasing in their popularity. Oyster mushrooms in particular have an extremely savory taste which makes them the best substitute for meat in your dishes. If you want to decrease your consumption of meat and still want to maintain the taste, then mushrooms are the way to go.

They have a character that allows them to be extremely versatile and fit into several types of dishes. You will enjoy eating mushrooms in a simple fried form or in more complex forms just as equally.

One of the issues that people face when building a diet that is concentrated more on mushrooms is that mushrooms are quite hard to grow. They require a precise combination of conditions that need to be perfectly matched if you want to really maximize the output. Most people simply do not have the time or energy to learn this skill, making consuming mushrooms a very hard job. Mushroom growing kits completely change the game as a kit is specifically designed for people who do not have the time to grow mushrooms from scratch. All you need to do is to follow a few steps that will be easy to follow. After a few weeks, you can enjoy the fruits of your own labor and cook all sorts of different mushroom recipes. This is exactly why the mushroom revolution is the key to living organically. There are mushroom extracts that you can use to put in your morning smoothie and if you are a coffee junkie, then there is the availability of mushroom coffee. The possibilities are simply endless. The diverse character of mushrooms makes them easy to combine in different dishes and they can be consumed in several different ways. In fact, there is mushroom jerky in the market as well.

What you get is a transition to consciously grown products that were not put through a slew of machinery and chemicals. The level of satisfaction seeing something which gives back to nature and consuming it is simply matchless. In the end, living organic allows you to maximize your own health as well as produce and consume in such a way that is sustainable. The limited resources of the earth require us to live as consciously as possible about our surroundings. The integration of mushrooms into your life is the first step that you need to take in order to live organic.