Why Mushroom Coffee Can Be Your Daily Energizer

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For many people, starting a day without coffee is simply not starting a day at all. Running on 3 hours of sleep on weekdays with the daunting workday staring you right in the face can scare anyone. In a time like this, respite is found in the arms of coffee. Like a cold engine diesel engine refusing to start on a winter morning, the modern professional needs to have the luxury of an energizer in the morning. Some people like to go on runs in the morning or indulge in a little bit of yoga. Most people simply do not have the energy for getting up at 6 AM for these activities. So, they end up choosing the next best thing, a sweet hit of caffeine lubricating the gears of your brain, ready to take on the entire world.

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How Does Caffeine Work?

You might have wondered exactly why your morning Starbucks run only seems to become more and more important in your life. The secret element that changes the game is actually caffeine. In pure technical terms, caffeine is called a stimulant. It stimulates the muscles in your body, your central nervous system and your brain. The fatigue that you might feel even after sleeping (because no one sleeps as much as they need to) is gone instantly because caffeine plays the role of a drill sergeant waking young conscripts up.

Caffeine is able to put the entire body in ‘action mode’. Your brain and body become much more alert. This is done mainly by the release of adrenaline in the body. Caffeine also raises your blood pressure (meaning that for people who have low blood pressure, coffee is a great way to raise it). However, the issue with coffee and caffeine in general is the fact that the body is not made to be put in an artificial do-or-die situation every day. Coffee does not give you energy, it only lowers the point where the body says: I’m tired. You push your own limits and once you have reached a certain level of tolerance, you seem to want more and more in order to reach the same level of alertness.

Mushroom Coffee

The fundamental issue with plain old coffee is that it is unbalanced. It only really redefines the limits of your body without actually increasing your energy levels. Mushroom coffee was produced exactly for this purpose. Mushroom is a great organic way in which you can increase your alertness and your focus in a way that is much more sustainable than caffeine alone. The coffee part gives you that great kick that you have always associated with good coffee and the mushroom part works to make that feeling much more sustained. While the coffee part will give you a supercharging boost, the mushroom part will naturally increase your focus by decluttering your brain and producing focus in the long term.

Mushrooms are known for the fact that they are extremely beneficial for your health. In fact, with the organic revolution now underway, you can see more people lining up at farmers markets than ever before. Organic farmers have made sure that they take as much advantage of scientific progress as well, with all-time high produce being recorded. Mushroom grow kits that are quite easily found now make the process of growing mushrooms that much easier for the average person. In actuality, growing mushrooms requires a lot of know how of biological knowledge and an acute understanding of the conditions that mushrooms require in order to grow at an optimal rate. This means that the average person simply does not have enough time to dedicate to learning all of these skills.

What mushroom grow kits do is that they remove the initial first few steps that are the hardest to get right. You essentially get a pre-colonize fruiting block delivered to you. All it needs is to be set in motion and you can see the result at a surprising pace. Fast growing varieties like blue oyster grow kits or lion’s mane mushroom grow kits are able to produce result in only a few weeks. In fact, they are also known as the most resilient type of mushrooms, which means that they allow beginner growers a decent bit of margin of error.

Mushroom coffee is essentially coffee that has been infused with the extracts of a particular mushroom, most popularly lion’s mane mushrooms since they are one of the most potent types of mushrooms. The extract is able to bring all the qualities of the mushrooms into the coffee. So, when you are drinking your coffee in the morning, you can rest easy knowing that your quota of healthy food is already taken care of. Mushroom extracts are also sold separately if you are more partial to adding them to your morning smoothie or milkshake.

The Age of Distraction

Social media and the internet have now introduced an age where it always seems that you have some distraction at hand. You might be working on something very important, but you will still open up your phone to see the Instagram photos of your nephew who just started walking. The consequence of that is the fact that we become more habitual of being able to devote our attention to things in a more bite sized manner. So, whenever a high-stress situation arises, people can often find themselves almost completely disassociating from the situation simply because it requires a level of focus that we do not possess. Experts often refer to this as the age of distraction.

People who are aware of the fact that they have diminished focus will definitely try to revive it as much as possible. Some will try yoga; some will try therapy, and some will find solace in the arms of a cigarette. However, the fact of the matter is that people do not really address the root cause at hand. The lack of focus that has been cultivated in our brains needs to be remedied in a way that goes down your very neurons. For that, all of these measures are going to fall short. Coffee will provide you with a little bit of focus, but it will soon diminish as you already know. By noon, you will feel like you have lost all energy to go on.

The revival of your focus can be done by a greater intake of mushrooms. Mushrooms have been proven by research to aid in the increase of focus and the attentiveness of your brain. People who frequently drink coffee will attest to the fact that coffee beyond a certain point feels like a stop gap measure. It does not cultivate a better sense of focus by any chance at all. On the other hand, mushroom extract infused coffee will be able to provide you with a much more sustained increase in focus. In fact, after drinking mushroom coffee or even consuming mushrooms in general, you will find that you will have better focus even when you are not consuming your daily dose of coffee. Mushrooms are a type of fugus. Fungi are known as nature’s own vacuum cleaner, as they consume waste and dead material and produce fruit out of it. It can do a similar job for your brain as well, decluttering it, removing all the old stacks of mental paperwork that you have accumulated over the years. All of a sudden, you feel like a rejuvenated person ready to take on the world.

mushroom coffee

A Fitter Lifestyle

The other major problem that a lot of people seem to struggle with is leading a fitter lifestyle. With junk food so easily available, your monthly trips to the nearest KFC as a kid have now become a daily exercise that you carry out. Everyone knows that saturated fats that you will find in spades in your favorite burger is one of the worst things that you can eat. What mushroom coffee does in addition to improving your focus is that it opens a gateway for a much healthier lifestyle. Since mushrooms have a high content of healthy nutrients, you will feel much fuller with energy and your midday run to the nearest KFC won’t seem so vital anymore. If you are even more committed to improving your diet, integrating mushrooms into your diet in a more direct way will only lead to better consequences. You will find that putting the ball in the basketball net is not a fantasy that only your 16-year-old self could fulfill. You will be fitter, everything will seem so much more exciting and your self-esteem will only grow with the gradual reduction of your KFC chicken-filled belly.