Shiitake Mushrooms – A Gift from The Far-East

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Shiitake mushrooms are known as the mushroom of the Far-East. They have a very important position in Eastern Cuisine which has allowed them to become a culinary icon in the Far-East. In fact, you will be hard pressed to find a dish that doesn’t have Shiitake mushrooms somewhere in the recipe of the dish when you go to Oriental cultures.

Let’s take Japan for example. For us, the first things that come to mind are the Samurais, philosophers, electronics and anime. These things are quite different from one another, but they do share one single element. That element is balance and an almost obsessive attention to detail. The Samurai is only as good as his sword is, and his precision, something that only the sharpest sword in the world allows him to exert, is what makes him special. Philosophers are all about balance. High-tech engineering is also all about balance as well as precision. When you are dealing with processors that are in the sizes of nanometers, it requires the utmost attention-to-detail. Lastly, the one thing that has made anime so much more engrossing compared to Western animation is the fact that the detail the Japanese artists are able to present in the picture is so much more powerful. As they say, the devil is indeed in the details here.

Today however, shiitake mushrooms are not just limited to Japan, with shiitake mushroom grow kits being easily available all over the world. Lone Star Mushrooms offers a variety of different mushroom grow kits such as lion's mane grow kits and pink oyster grow kits. These varieties are known for the pace at which they grow and the associated health benefits. On top of that, they are priced extremely reasonably as well, with discounts offered by us as well as bundles which are great value for money.

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How Shiitake Mushrooms Symbolize Japanese Culture

The obsession with perfection, precision and balance is what has made the Japanese great, a culture dedicated to the sheer pursuit of excellence. This is seen in Shiitake mushrooms as well. The very stereotypical shape of the Shiitake mushrooms, with their natural symmetry and their balanced shape are perhaps the reason why they are so revered in Japanese culture. When someone thinks of mushrooms, Shiitake mushrooms are probably the first thing that occurs to them in that context. It also has immense importance in the medicinal community as well, with many people regarding it as a medicinal mushroom, designed by nature to cure the most extreme of illnesses.

Let’s have a look at some of the health benefits of Shiitake mushrooms.

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Help Counteract Neurodegenerative Diseases

We have all grappled with the scary prospect of a degenerating brain. Parkinson’s, Dementia and Alzheimer’s are all diseases that come under this umbrella term. They say that our memories make us exactly what we are. If we start to lose our memories, do we at point just forget our own being? That is indeed a very scary thing to think about. If you have ever met with someone who suffers from this terrible disease, you would really be able to understand the sheer gravity of the situation. These people are not able to recognize their own siblings, start forgetting their most consistent habits and literally start unravelling as human beings.

There has been research that has suggested that consumption of mushrooms can help fight this slow decline. By no means does this mean to say that Shiitake mushrooms are the cure for this disease. However, what Shiitake mushrooms can do is to prevent it from ever coming into being. Mushrooms activate the parts of your brain that you need as well as nourish them. The analogy is a bit like a car engine that has been left unused for the past 10 years. On the other hand, shiitake mushrooms can act as the faithful owner who turns on the car every week so that it stays in good running condition.

Source of Essential Nutrients

Our body needs a consistent balance of nutrients. All sorts of vitamins and minerals are needed in the human body for us to become healthy human beings. The issue is that these things are not produced by the body itself, so we need to be able to replenish the supply of these things in our body by ourselves. For the 21st century individual, who seemingly spends life going from one zoom meeting to another, the whole concept of being able to keep up with all of these dietary requirements seems like the hardest thing in the world to do. So, for those people, there is always the option of consuming shiitake mushrooms. Shiitake mushrooms contain all the necessary nutrients required to lead a healthy life. As long as you are able to consume enough Shiitake mushrooms, life should be easy enough to lead.

Shiitake mushrooms can really be considered as one of the biggest blessings put on this earth by God. As the world evolves and our dietary requirements also evolve with it, it is important we also evolve with them.