How Texans Are at The Forefront of the Mushroom Revolution

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Known as the Lone Star State, Texas has a powerful impact on American culture as a whole and has been one of the most influential cultural hubs in America. If you are someone who likes to enjoy warm temperatures and BBQ whenever possible, Texas is the state to for. You can always count on the people of Texas to be welcoming and loving. It is one of the biggest states in terms of population and its area, the State resides in the southern part of the USA. On one side, it touches the Mexican gulf and on the other side, it borders Arkansas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, and New Mexico.

The moniker Lone Star State has an interesting background to it.  The most obvious hint is the fact that the Texas flag has a ‘lone star’ on it. However, once you go deeper, you realize that it stands for its independence from Mexico as well. The nickname has been around for more than a hundred years and the state itself adopted the name officially in 2015. It is widely thought by many that the lone star represents Texas’s bid to gain statehood. However, others are of the opinion that the lone star actually stands for the fact that Texas was a ‘lone’ state still trying to go by the constitution of Mexico dating back to 1824. The flag itself was adopted by the Congress of Texas in 1839.

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As one of the biggest states by size, Texas is the central hub of agriculture in the entire USA, with output that compares favorably to entire countries. The vast open spaces are dedicated to growing agriculture to feed the people of not only Texas but also America as well. Everything from peanuts to sugarcane is grown here. Just the annual revenue that comes from agriculture in Texas is close to $25 billion. The typical idea of the average Texan in a ranch is quite true as well, with the state having more ranches than any other in the entire country.

Being perhaps the foremost voice when it comes to agriculture, Texas has always been at the cutting edge when it comes to providing food solutions to the entire world. The people exhibit typical farmer manners as well. You can bet on the hospitality and friendliness of Texans. They are naturally open and blunt people, who would not hesitate to tell you what they like or don’t like about you.

The Issue at Hand

Today, global food security is one of the foremost worries of the international community. After all, food is the primary factor that is taken into consideration when thinking about the well-being of people. As agricultural land starts to decrease in order to make way for the increasing population, the whole world is staring down the barrel of a gun that could go off any minute.

Naturally, the entrepreneurial spirit of the people of Texas has come to the rescue. The answer is quite simple as well. Sustainable methods of food production that require less land to grow. This points straight to mushrooms. Mushrooms do not require much area to grow at all and the fact that they grow in clusters only helps. This means that you can get a lot of food output out of relatively fewer inputs. The role that Texans have been playing in this is one of facilitation. The agricultural nature of the state and the entrepreneurial spirit of the people combine to produce an attitude that is dedicated to finding new ways to produce. This is how Texans find themselves at the very forefront of the mushroom revolution.

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Why Mushrooms Are the Answer

As the world starts to orient itself towards a more organic way of living, more and more people find themselves turning to mushrooms. Their advantage when it comes to requiring less area and the fact that they can be grown even in garages by indoor farmers has already been mentioned, but the benefits that they can provide are so much more.

The spores that mushrooms produce (from Shiitake or Oyster Mushrooms) have insulation qualities. In fact, they have been used to insulate houses already. The current insulation that we use is made from inorganic chemicals that have very real health consequences. In fact, they are known to cause breathing problems as well. Mycofoam is a healthy alternative to the typical insulation that is used. It does not let water seep through and is completely okay for the body to be nearby. Since it is completely organic, what that means is that it is naturally decomposable and does not contribute to the global plastic problem that we already have. There have been some struggles when it comes to scaling this particular product, but the future only looks brighter.

Mushroom mycelium has a powerful ability to be able to function as a water filter as well. The mycelium keeps growing underwater until it finds the requisite nutrients that it needs to grow. During this process, it also keeps on destroying any harmful systems. A lake with an algae problem can be introduced to mycelium and it will be able to break down the bacteria in its bid to find nutrients and that would indirectly filter the water as well. In fact, this system has already been filtering water for nature for a long time. We humans are only beginning to discover it now.

On top of that, mushroom mycelium has the ability to break down hydrocarbon as well, which is an integral part of oil. An oil spill is a horror that we all have seen too many times in our lives. It seeps in and kills everything in its sight. If the area it contaminates already possesses mushroom mycelium, its damage will significantly be curbed as the mycelium will be able to break it down into harmless particles. Oyster mushrooms are known for this quality as well. Today, oyster mushroom grow kits are widely available and you can get one for yourself by ordering one from us today at a 13% discount!

We know the negative effects of leather and plastic products. Leather can only be obtained if a poor animal has to die, and plastic products are so harmful to the environment. Mushrooms can be turned into a product that resembles leather and even plastic-product. If we can scale this, then no poor animal will have to die in order for the leather to come out and we wouldn’t have to witness people burning plastics.

Lone Star Mushrooms

In a bid to introduce a more sustainable and healthy way of living, Lone Star Mushrooms offers a plethora of mushroom-related products. There are mushroom growing kits that are essential for any beginner looking to get into growing mushrooms. There are kits such as blue oyster mushroom growing kits, pink oyster mushroom growing kits, and lion’s mane growing kits as well. These are perhaps 3 of the most popular types of mushrooms out there that people regularly consume, and they are available at very competitive prices at the online store. On top of that, there are mushroom extracts as well. These extracts are able to provide the same advantages that mushrooms are able to provide but in a portable packaging that you can take with you anywhere. All it takes is a few drops into your morning smoothie and you are ready to go. The increased bioavailability is a godsend as well.

The story does not stop here. The third main product category that is available as well is mushroom coffee. For people who cannot function without their coffee fix, this mushroom coffee comes with all the benefits of coffee but also has the calming ability of mushrooms as well.

These three main product lines actually signify the overall goal of the Lone Star Mushroom’s philosophy. It is to be able to introduce a whole lifestyle shift, not just sell a product. Today, it sometimes seems that we are all too focused on trying to get ourselves a burger from KFC. While it may be delicious, everyone knows what the harmful effects of processed food are. What replacing these foods with mushrooms in your diet does is that it introduces a level of spirituality even in your diet. As you consume the mushroom that you have grown yourself, you are giving back to the earth in ways that you can’t even understand.

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Health Benefits of Mushrooms

The benefits that mushrooms are able to provide are spread across different areas. Let’s try to get a rundown of them.

More Energy

As you start to detoxify from the harmful processed food that you have been consuming, you will start to see a much greater increase in your daily energy. Unlike synthetic means of getting energy, this will be much stronger and much more sustained. Your mornings will not be spent trying to remove the grogginess because you were not able to sleep at all last night. The moment you will wake up, everything will feel perfect. The sun will feel more pleasant and the air you breathe will feel freer.

Enhanced Focus

In order to really experience gains in your productivity, you have to be able to focus for extended periods of time. Today, it is much easier to lose focus because of the plethora of distractions that are fitted right inside our phones. Sometimes it’s a notification from a friend on Instagram and sometimes it’s someone liking your post on Facebook, it is simply a distraction. Mushrooms can increase your focus by many times and introduce a whole new dedication in you that you did not know you even possessed.

Neuro-Degenerative Diseases

Diseases like Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s are very real risks that we have to prepare for in advance. As the body ages, the brain starts to diminish in terms of its sharpness. If this is a fear that keeps you up at night, you need to start eating more oyster mushrooms. Research has shown that mushrooms have been successful in slowing down this process. These diseases are also intrinsically related to happiness as well, with improvements in mood exhibiting a slowdown in the process of mental degeneration.

There are many businesses like Lone Star Mushrooms in the state of Texas that have been successful in flipping the script and completely revolutionizing the way that we consume our food. Today, it is the global need to be able to find alternative means of food consumption that save area as well. Plus, the advent of grow kits means that someone who is living in a small apartment can also brand himself or herself as a farmer. The possibilities are simply endless with the entrepreneurial spirit of Texans embodying itself quite powerfully. Empowered by strong values and an open heart, Texans are the best people to be around.