Why You Need Lion’s Mane Jerky

Lion’s Mane Jerky

For many, the ideal morning simply is not complete without beef jerky. The rich taste mixed with the savory texture of the beef jerky makes it a staple of most homes. However, there is a deeper truth that lies inside the story of beef jerky. While beef jerky is one of the most delicious tasting foods that you can eat, there are certain health risks that are attached to its over consumption that we will be discussing later on. It is however pertinent to mention that beef jerky is one of the most important things in certain situations, especially if you are trying to build muscle. The main issue essentially comes when you are consuming preprocessed beef jerky.

Lion’s Mane Jerky

The answer to many of these woes is a terrifically simple one. Mushroom jerky has come into the spotlight in recent years as one of the most potent ways you can substitute beef jerky from your life. Everyone knows the many benefits that consuming mushroom jerky can provide you. However, today we will be focusing on lion’s mane jerky. Lion’s mane mushroom is one of the most popular types of mushrooms in the world. If you walk into a farmer’s market with mushroom growing kits, there is a good chance that they will already have lion’s mane grow kits stocked. Its appearance is extremely unique as well. The name itself comes from its similarity in shape to a lion’s mane. It is however white in color and is grown by farmers across the US.

Lion’s Mane Jerky


The Dangers of Processed Meat

Before we establish the advantages of consuming lion’s mane jerky, the dangers of processed meat must be first taken into context. In this particular category, we can include any meat that has been processed specially to preserve its flavor. Now, meat that has been preserved has to be treated with a certain type of chemical(s) in order for it last longer than naturally possible. These chemicals often end up being the reason why its so harmful. Research has shown that there is a greater chance of people ending up with cancer and heart disease if they are consuming processed meat. There is even a link with diabetes that is being established.

In order to really put into perspective the harmful effects of processed meat, one has to understand the scale of destruction that these diseases can bring. Our heart is what literally powers our entire body. At the center of the functioning of our body, the heart holds such a place that everything topples down if the heart is not properly functioning. If the heart is weak, one is not able to exert one’s body nearly as much. This naturally contributes to lesser exercise which is only going to result in even greater fat build-up. This vicious circle only keeps on going on with greater intensity.

Moving on to the advantages of Lion’s mane jerky, we can exactly see why it is so beneficial for the body.

Provides Fiber

One of the most important things that most lack today in their diets is fiber. Fiber is absolutely essential for maintaining your health. Its most important function is the fact that it aids in digestion. If you have been struggling with indigestion or constipation, this is sure to put your body at ease. However, the full scale of the advantages that fiber is able to provide is spread across many other areas. It’s known to have a negative effect on cholesterol as well, meaning that it can lower its levels.

Moreover, it is often mentioned by doctors as one of the best things to consume if you are trying to lose weight. This is due to the fact that foods with a lot of fiber such as lion’s mane jerky is a lot more fulfilling than low-fiber food. This essentially means that you will require a lesser quantity of high-fiber food in order to feel satiated and thus will have a lower intake. In other words, processed food is engineered to make sure that you consume more of it. This is why ‘junk food’ is often referred to as a full-fledged addiction as you keep eating in order to feel full. Lion’s mane jerky is a way out of that sinkhole.

Provides Essential Nutrients

Since lion’s mane jerky is free of all harmful chemicals, the effect that it can have on the body is overwhelmingly positive. It is almost like a hamper of good nutrients of all sorts. Lion’s mane jerky is rich in vitamins. These vitamins include thiamine, riboflavin, and niacin. One of the most commonly reported body deficiencies that people are known to suffer from is essential minerals. Since the body does not possess the ability to produce these minerals, it is vital that you must have a source from which you can obtain them. These include manganese, zinc, and potassium. These minerals are absolutely essential if you are trying to improve your bone health and maintain your skeleton’s strength at the same time. This is due to the fact that these minerals increase your bone’s mineral density.


 The carbohydrates oligosaccharides have an antioxidative effect on the body, meaning that they can decrease inflammation inside the body. This carbohydrate is available in spades inside lion’s mane mushrooms as well. Its benefits are repeated by expert medical professionals all across the world, with most mentioning its anti-tumor ability as well.

The increasing popularity of lion’s mane mushrooms and jerky is easily understood in the backdrop of greater health concerns across the world. People are becoming more and more conscious of what they put in their bodies, leading to a refreshed approach towards mushrooms. Mushrooms are on their way to becoming a staple food of households across the world.