Why You Should Start Growing Mushrooms at Home

Growing Mushrooms at Home

It always seems like we are running out of time. It could be anything from trying to catch up on your favorite show or sorting out that massive stack of paperwork on your desk. It always seems to be that the things you truly want to do fall by the wayside since you’re busy doing the things you have to do. You want to re-learn how to play the guitar, or you want to take your son out to his favorite amusement park but those zoom meetings are not going to conduct themselves, are they?

Naturally, when it comes to moving towards a healthy diet with a stable work-life balance, the complaint that most people have is simply the fact that they don’t seem to have the time. Buying fast food from your nearest burger king really just seems to be the only option when you don’t have the time to cook. One of the ways in which you can truly revolutionize your diet is through growing mushrooms. Mushrooms simply have a million health benefits which can truly bring meaningful change into your life. However, the same old complaint of ‘not having enough time’ also emerges here as well.

Mushroom Grow Kits

In recent years, the organic food industry has grown at an exponential rate due to the increasing demand for healthy food. As people are slowly realizing the perils of munching down KFC every single day, it is becoming clear that organic food is a trend that is only going to go upwards. Another recent possibility in the world of mushrooms is the availability of mushroom grow kits. One of the biggest complaints that indoor farmers had about growing mushrooms was that it was too hard and took too much time to work correctly. It was a perfectly valid concern as well. The advent of mushroom growing kits like lion’s mane mushroom growing kit, blue oyster mushroom growing kit, or pink oyster mushroom growing kit make sure that you are allowed to grow the fastest growing mushroom varieties without much hassle. In fact, there are so many mushroom-related products on sale today such as mushroom coffee and mushroom extracts that you can easily create a multi-varied diet revolving around mushrooms.

Mushroom coffee allows you to take your love for coffee and turn it into a healthy habit. While the caffeine gives your brain the short-term boost that it needs, the mushroom extract which has been painstakingly infused with the coffee focuses more on the long-term effects. Mushroom consumption has been positively correlated with greater attentiveness and more effective memory. Research has even found a link between a lesser likelihood of developing neurodegenerative diseases and mushroom consumption. Mushroom extracts on the other hand allow you more freedom in terms of incorporating it into whatever beverage that you want. It could be your favorite milkshake or your morning smoothie.

mushroom growing kits

Here's Why You Should Start ASAP

Mushrooms are a treat to grow in every sense of the word. Here are a few reasons why we think that growing them at home is going to help boost your life as much as possible.

The Great Taste

What is perhaps quite unknown about mushrooms is the fact that they possess a flavor that is very uncommon in non-animal foods. It is known as ‘umami’ and is one of the 5 basic tastes that the tongue can detect. Many people end up not liking mushrooms because they have had ‘button’ mushrooms, which are the most commonly available type found in your local grocery store. They are also the type that is most popularly known and also form the stereotypical image of the mushroom. Mushroom varieties like lion’s mane mushrooms, oyster mushrooms, or wine cap mushrooms have been enjoyed the world over due to the fact that they have a taste that is extremely rare in organic food and is reminiscent of meat.

Health Benefits

The benefits in terms of health are too much to count when it comes to mushrooms. They have a whole plethora of vitamins that are obviously required in order to maintain a healthy and balanced diet. In fact, due to the prevalence of fast food, people have been ignoring these requirements for a long time. Mushrooms are also a source of germanium, which has been proven to improve breathing, and your immune system and even make you more resistant to the negative effects of pollution. The positive effects on your immune system are the most important to note here. Considering that we are moving towards a world where bacteria and viruses are continuously becoming more resistant to traditional forms of medication, there really is a need to strengthen the body’s own defense systems because there is a good chance that your medication won’t work in the future. A great example is the whole COVID-19 crisis. Developed nations were much more adversely affected by the virus because the general population had a weaker immune system since they hadn’t been exposed to bacteria all their life. So, this meant that when a disease for which there wasn’t a vaccine (at that point) emerged, the largest death tolls were reported in countries in Europe and America.

On top of that, selenium works against free radicals by producing antioxidants. The gist of this scientific jargon is simply the fact that they reduce the risk of getting cancer dramatically. The effects are actually much more far-reaching than just cancer. People who consume mushrooms on a daily basis also have been shown to have better heart health, which contributes directly to a more positive outlook on life. For people who are trying to lose weight, the fact that mushrooms have extremely low contents of fats means that they are a very viable food to eat when you are on a diet.

mushroom growing kits


Mushrooms are also extremely light on the pocket. Considering the great prices at which our mushroom grow kits are available, you can actually craft a diet that is structured around health being the number one priority. In about 2 weeks of time, you can start benefitting from the fresh produce which you can be proud about! It is the first step into a world that is fast moving towards a much more sustainability-conscious approach. When it comes to growing mushrooms from scratch, you can go even cheaper but the biggest hurdle that you will face is lack of experience. It is a skill that you have to master rather than something that comes easily. If you want to save yourself the time of going through guides on the internet about what is the best way to grow mushrooms, then mushroom growing kits are definitely the way to do it.


Sorry to burst your bubble but a KFC burger made with oil is not going to be sustainable. It is not sustainable for your health, and it is definitely not sustainable for the environment at all. The waste that larger corporate food chains produce is simply staggering. So much food is wasted in restaurants while there are people in the world who are going to go to sleep on an empty stomach. Not only is it a gross injustice, but also something that should hope to create a conversation about our habits. What is great about mushrooms that are grown in the wild is that they are nature’s waste disposal staff. All the waste that is produced in a natural setting such as dead trees is gobbled up by mushrooms and new life emerges from that.

Now, with the easy availability of mushroom grow kits, you can incorporate this natural process into your daily life as well. Small-scale producers like Lone Star Mushrooms are not the same thing as a corporate giant making your food. Not only are mushrooms in general considered to be one of the most sustainably produced foods in America, but they are also considered by experts to be a sustainable food that we will eventually be forced to switch to anyway.

These are some great reasons as to why you should start producing mushrooms at home. They don’t have any environmental impact and are a cheap way of turning your diet around from the addiction to fast food. In fact, this decade has been branded by people as the ‘shroom boom’. Mushroom-related businesses are growing faster than mushrooms do on a daily basis (and that is saying something).