Chaga Mushroom Dual Extract
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Chaga Mushroom Dual Extract uses
Chaga Mushroom Dual Extract Immune Boooster
Chaga Mushroom Dual Extract Fight Fatigue
Chaga Mushroom Dual Extract 100% Mushroom Fruiting Bodies
Wild Harvested Chaga
Chaga Mushroom Dual Extract
Chaga Dual Mushroom Extract

Chaga Mushroom Dual Extract

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  •  Antioxidant Rich Superfood - Chaga boasts almost 7 times the amount of free radical fighting antioxidant power as acai! Free radicals cause aging, or oxidation, in the body.
  • 🍄 Wild Harvested - Wild harvested Chaga contains botulin, a pentacyclic triterpene that has lipotropic and hepatoprotective properties. Which means it promotes a healthy metabolism and protects the liver.
  • 🧠 Fights Fatigue - With the help of its polysaccharides and antioxidant properties, this mushroom also fights physical and mental fatigue, by decreasing lactic acid and preventing inflammation in the nervous system that often causes brain fog. 
  • 💪 Dual Extract - This means these organic mushrooms went through a rigorous two step extraction process to pull out the very beneficial compounds making them bio available for adults, pets, and children.
  • 👍Immune Booster- This mushroom is immunomodulating, meaning it helps to restore balance within your immune system. It contains important polysaccharides such as beta glucans, to give your immune system the boost it needs
  • 🍄Easy To Use - One month supply, No large pill to swallow, simply add 1 mL of Chaga Extract to your water, coffee, tea, smoothie two times a day! Vegan friendly!
  • 💧 Reverse Osmosis - We make sure that our extracts are made from the highest quality water. Our water goes through a five step process as follows, sediment filtration, activated carbon filtration, reverse osmosis, post carbon filtration, and ultraviolet sterilization
  •  Includes measured, marked dropper

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Love these quality products! They work!


I am happy with the product. I ordered this Chaga as well as two others (Lion's mane and Reshi). All are great!


I really like all their extracts