Mushroom Coffee and How It is Made

mushroom coffee

Whether you are from the Far East, Europe or from the American continent, coffee must have been a part of your life at some point in time and chances are, it still is. You probably need your morning coffee to get your day going. When the day is too cold, huddled in your blanket, a warm mug of coffee is just what you might need. Or those moments when someone brought you a coffee filled mug and you were filled to the brim with gratitude.

Coffee can provide you with calm and relaxation so that you can face the day and all the things that come with it that can seriously wear you out. In the modern world, keeping your mind and brain healthy, while being very crucial, is becoming increasingly hard. Our fast-paced lifestyle can significantly increase mental pressure. It is only so much that one can bear until one burns out. In all that madness, coffee sometimes brings the only little sigh of relief and relaxation one can get. We will be getting into the disadvantages of coffee and how it can often work exactly the opposite of how it is supposed to and also offering you an alternative in the form of mushroom coffee, a simply genius creation.

mushroom coffee

Coffee and Its Side Effects

Despite all these things, you might also remember when your heart starts beating a little too fast and it might even feel like it’s out of sync. Or when you had to do some work of precision and found your hands trembling and you couldn’t keep still. These are some of the many side effects of drinking pure coffee specially if you are one of those people who can be sensitive to even small amounts of caffeine. However, we still want to grab our cup whenever we get the chance to do so. That’s just how coffee is. We just crave it too much.

So, it’s not far-fetched to wonder what it would be like to drink coffee and feel the good parts while not feeling the bad ones. One of the things that can help us achieve that is mushroom coffee. Some people might jump at this assertion as they have probably never heard of such a notion before. Actually, this is not a very new idea. In fact, mushrooms have been consumed like this since the ancient times. China and the Far-East have a history of mushroom use, not just as a culinary option but as medicine too.

Mushrooms are a very healthy food and, in your coffee, they can enhance your experience manifold. They can help those individuals who struggle with coffee sensitivity as well as those who don’t want the negative effects of coffee to manifest in themselves as mushroom coffee usually contains lesser caffeine then regular coffee while still having more than a decaffeinated one.

Benefits of Mushrooms

Mushrooms have many proven benefits. They increase potassium and lower sodium levels in the body. Sodium conserves water in the body by reabsorbing it from the kidneys which can contribute to high blood pressure. So, by lowering blood sodium levels, mushrooms can be very helpful for people with high blood pressure. They also contain antioxidants which help fight free radical production in the body which helps in preventing cellular damage. Free radicals are produced by inflammatory responses in the body and by toxic foreign chemicals and have been implicated in cancer production when cells with a damaged structure grow unchecked.

They contain a substance called ergothioneine which can also slow cell damage and promote cell integrity.  Mushrooms also help lower cholesterol in the body which is very beneficial for individuals with diabetes and other metabolic disorders. As food they are often used as meat replacement for people who are conscious about their health and want to choose healthier options than red meat as well as for vegans. They have been a part of the kitchen of the common household as they are very easy to come by which means they are very inexpensive. With increasingly aging populations, disorders of the brain are becoming increasingly common. They usually start as just some little impairment of one’s mental faculties which slowly can morph into serious condition like Alzheimer’s disease. Research says that mushroom consumption can significantly slow or even prevent that initial cognitive impairment. Thus, in this way mushrooms can be very effective in promoting brain health.

Now that one can conclude that mushrooms indeed are very beneficial for us, we can also gauge the importance of mushroom coffee. You might not be able to eat a huge number of mushrooms to get those benefits so that they have a significant and detectable effect on your health and lifestyle, or you may simply not even like them, but you still want to get the added benefits of mushrooms in your consumption, mushroom coffee might be just for you.

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Why Mushroom Coffee?

Mushroom coffee also contains more fiber than regular coffee as coffee beans are usually filtered out which eliminates much of the fiber and the final product contains little fiber. Mushroom coffee, having more fiber, helps promote normal gut health as well as the healthy growth of gut bacteria and microbiome. It also helps nurture a healthy immune system at much lower amounts then regular coffee which is also believed to do the same but at much higher amount, which means at a much higher caffeine content too. Usually, regular coffee is not exactly famous for its protein content because it contains little to no protein.

Mushroom coffee on the other hand contains a good amount of protein including all essential amino acids as compared to plant proteins which lack come essential amino acids. So, from just a cup of mushroom coffee you get the total package of physical relaxation, mental alertness and clarity while also getting all the health benefits. It also turns out you’ll feel just a bit less guilty desiring for another cup of mushroom coffee because you know your future self will be thanking you. The short-term benefits will help you to add this into your life while the long-term benefits will help foster longevity and great health. 

How To Make It?

As it has been established now that mushroom coffee is a great thing. The next question is how does one make it? And how to find all the ingredients? The word mushroom coffee can sound a bit intimidating, however, it is a very simple thing to make. It is also very easily available and accessible. The mushrooms are dried first and then blended with coffee in a very fine delicate process. This process is something that is already done so need not worry about a giant preparation in some cauldron or something. In this whole process convenience is key.

The mushrooms used to make coffee are not the regular ones that are usually eaten. Like the lion's mane mushrooms (we have lion's mane grow kits available as well) which are usually the mushroom of choice. These are organics mushrooms usually grown in Latin American volcanic soil in multiple small batch plantations. The extract of these mushrooms is completely non-GMO and blended with coffee for better focus and cognitive clarity through a very carefully curated and thorough process.

The extract blended with coffee comes in many forms like that of instant coffee powder, ground coffee blends and coffee pods. The taste is mostly preserved which is very similar to regular coffee while being much more beneficial overall. The methods of preparation of a cup of mushroom coffee are pretty much the same as regular coffee. You can still make your favorite latte, mocha or just a simple black coffee.

In the modern world we are always looking and turning to things to enhance our lifestyle and also to help us unwind and deal with the pressures of modern life. Something as simple as a cup of mushroom coffee can have such a notable positive effect on us that it makes one thing how important the little things in our life are. It’s truly the little things in life which are actually important.