The Numerous Health Benefits of Mushroom Coffee

mushroom coffee

Coffee is the great energizer of the 21st century. While its importance had already been established in the century before, the arrival of the 2000s really solidified coffee as something you could not do without. It became a necessity more than a luxury. Frequent references to ‘Starbucks runs’ in songs and movies really bring to perspective the importance that this beverage holds in our society. However, it is also painfully true that there are numerous negative effects of the overconsumption of coffee as well. We have all experienced the feeling of being so wired out after having drunk so many cups of coffee that we cannot go to sleep anymore. While coffee is a great tool to boost your productivity, it can often quite easily backfire as well if you are consuming it over a certain limit. The answer for the people who want to consume coffee and still maintain a net positive effect is an elixir that is mushroom coffee.

The very idea of mushroom coffee is ingenious. It takes the powerful effects of coffee which can be greatly detrimental to health if taken in beyond a certain limit and combines them with the organic nature of mushrooms. This does two very important things. It combats the many negative effects of coffee, making it much less dangerous than it is already. The other thing that it does is provide the benefits of consuming mushrooms as well. If you are interested in growing mushrooms, a mushroom growing kit is a great option to invest in. There are a variety of these kits available such as lion's mane growing kit, blue oyster growing kit, and pink oyster growing kit.

mushroom kit

What Is Mushroom Coffee?

The first question that we need to ask ourselves is: What is mushroom coffee? Mushroom coffee is essentially coffee beans that have been fused with mushroom extracts. The mushroom extracts take the essence of mushrooms and puts them into the coffee that you can consume just like normal coffee. In many ways, it is a two-in-one situation with the coffee energizing you and removing fatigue and the long-term effects of the mushroom extracts taking hold as well. The rising popularity of mushroom coffee is part of a wider global trend that seeks to replace as much synthetic foodstuff with organic foods as possible. This is evident when you consider the rise of the farmer markets, especially in the US where local farmers were more than happy to fulfill the demand that was left unanswered as global supply chains broke down in the face of the pandemic. In the fateful years of the pandemic, farmer’s markets replaced supermarket chains as the people who were still able to provide products for consumption.

They even adapted to the situation by introducing contactless delivery and online farmer’s markets as well. Now that global supply chains are slowly on the mend, the people have decided that their switch to farmer’s markets that was made under duress is actually a permanent decision. There are great reasons why exactly that is the case. Why would you want to return to the robot-like architecture of the supermarkets where all you interact with are scanners when the alternative is to meet and interact with humans. For many, the experience of waking up on a Sunday and going down to the farmer’s market is absolutely therapeutic. It gives one an excuse to start the day early with the sweet aroma of organic and natural produce inundating the senses. Even writing about it feels very satisfying.

Let’s get on to the health benefits of mushroom coffee

Improves Focus

Focus is perhaps the greatest endangered species of our time. Our constant use of social media apps has meant that we have slowly trained ourselves to only focus for a few seconds at the greatest. The best example is the widespread popularity of TikTok. A few seconds is all we allow ourselves before we decide to move on to the next thing that is supposed to somehow satisfy us. It is addictive and that is why it is so concerning as well. Parents of young children will perhaps understand this the best when they see that their kids refuse to read beyond a few pages and even YouTube videos a few minutes long are too much for them.

The best way to combat this is to perform a social media detox that helps take a step back and gain perspective on the situation at hand. The other way you can help expedite this process is by consuming mushroom coffee. Believe it or not, the focus-boosting aspect comes from the mushrooms and not the coffee. Mushrooms have been known to have extremely positive effects on the workings of the brain and in many ways work as a lubricant for our cerebral machinery. If you are facing issues of focus while working and have to open up your phone every few minutes and disturb your entire workflow, mushroom coffee is a necessity more than an option for you.

Regulates Cholesterol

One of the tough realities of growing up is realizing that you have to watch what you eat. Even a few weeks of irresponsible eating habits start to show quite easily on your body. You are not as alert as you used to be, and you feel weaker. The painful realization of knowing that you are in fact growing up sets in and can be quite depressing. However, there is always a path that leads back towards a healthier lifestyle. For a lot of people, this point of no return can be quite easily delayed. The path that you need to take is painfully obvious. Eat healthily. One of the best ways to start this inner movement is to start revolutionizing your coffee routine. Mushroom coffee is functionally the same as normal coffee but makes you healthier just by consuming it.

Research in mammals has shown that it can decrease cholesterol levels in the body which is great news for people who struggle with high cholesterol and other indicators.

Improves Immune System

The levels of sanitation of the human population have improved many times over the past 100 years. Vaccinations and access to clean water has meant that our bodies don’t need to contend with as many immune threats as before. This might sound like great news on the surface but has key disadvantages as well. Your immune system needs to train itself against different types of viruses in order to strengthen itself. If you are not exposed to these viruses in the first place, your immune system will remain weak. This is also thought to be one of the main reasons why the virus ravaged through high-income countries where vaccination rates were high and countries with worse conditions were able to deal with the virus a lot better. This is simply because their bodies were much more equipped to deal with the coronavirus because their immune systems had been fighting the common cold each year without the need for a vaccine. Please note that this is not supposed to advocate for non-vaccination. Vaccination, if available, is always the best resort.

The other way that you can strengthen your immune system is by consuming more mushroom coffee. Research has proven that mushrooms are extremely beneficial when it comes to decreasing inflammation in the body. Also, they have the right components inside of them that are generally known to be immune strengthening. So, you need to start consuming mushroom coffee immediately so you know you will be able to combat the next virus when it eventually comes.


Mushroom coffee is just one of the plethora of organic products that are starting to take a hold of the imagination of the international community. This is perhaps in many ways due to the fact that we sometimes feel disconnected from nature. The rapid advance of industrialization and consumerism has meant that we are ready to accept plastic as our one light. In this wave of noise and confusion, organic products offer a way back toward nature that is thankfully devoid of such noise. There are only the serene sounds of the birds chirping with the sweet scent of the trees inundating your soul. There is a connection that has been present since time immemorial being resurrected again by organic products. We have to know that we come from nature itself and we have to eventually return to it as well. We were once stardust floating around space and we will be stardust again in a few billion years. Before that time comes, we have to make sure that we nourish nature around us and give back when we have taken so much from it.