Why You Need Mushroom Grow Kits in Your Life

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Mushroom grow kits have been growing in their popularity steadily and this is mainly due to the advantages that they provide. Today, we will be looking into lion’s mane mushrooms and how their benefits make them not only delicious to eat but also a great option for a sustainable healthy diet.

Widely regarded as one of the most popular types of edible mushrooms that exist, lion’s mane mushrooms are not solely exceptional due to their name, but it is also their shape that adds to their uniqueness. They are deemed to be beneficial for people’s health and hence have become very popular with people who wish to avail their benefits, by being added to their diet. In North America and European Markets, Farmers’ markets have recently been experiencing an increase in their numbers, which has made it easier for people to gain access to different mushroom species, such as blue oyster mushrooms and pink oyster mushrooms. The ease with which to access these now, is unprecedented.

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As soon as they are extracted after they have grown properly, they are instantly transferred to farmers’ markets. Since demand for them is really high, they are grown around a lot, and the farmers’ markets often experience a shortage of their supply, one of the leading contributors to this adversity for the farmers’ markets, are supermarkets, which hold a notorious position in the minds of farmers’ markets. The farmers’ markets feel much more natural relative to the supermarkets. When you enter a supermarket; it gives off a rather manufactured feeling, from the salesperson to every second item in there. Whereas, when you travel to the farmers’ markets, everything seems very soothing and familiar.

As time is passing and people are becoming more cautious in regards to their health, this has led to an increase in the integration of mushrooms in people’s diet. A lot of the people are obsessed with meat in general, and for them to find an alternate for it is very difficult, they are not wary about the damage that the constant usage of their favorite meat-stricken food, KFC, does to their health.

So, they keep consuming it more and more due to their infatuation with it. Lion’s mane mushrooms, come closer to being a safe and healthy alternate for dishes associated with meat. Not only are they safe but their taste is also very similar to meat. As if this wasn’t enough, these mushrooms can be consumed in different ways. They can be used as the main meal, or can serve to be a secondary dish, providing support to the main dish.

Now, we are going to look at some of the factors which help mushroom growing kits enhance your life.

Antidote to Dementia

The brain is the most prominent part of our body, it is through it that we are able to think, do whatever we want to. Our memory is also associated with it, as we grow old, after a certain point our brain’s ability starts to decline, with it our cognitive growth also becomes stagnant and eventually experiences a negative slope. As people grow old and their brains start to deteriorate, this paves the way for different kinds of diseases, and one of the most dangerous ones among them is called dementia. Ironically, its name is probably the least scary part associated with it. it affects your memory negatively and it only gets worse with time. Without our memory, we are nothing but a walking skeleton. Imagine being alive and not knowing what you have done up till now. Dementia eats away your memory and thus with it, your existence as well, deeming everything you have ever done to be meaningless.

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When all hope is done and lost, it is then that the lion’s mane mushrooms come into play, the mushrooms are believed to be carrying certain compounds that prove to be vital in improving and enhancing brain cells, these cells are known to be, hericenones and erinacines. Experiments on animals have shown that the usage of lion’s mane mushrooms can help alleviate memory loss. It is Amyloid-beta plaques, that are one of the contributors to the damage done to memory due to Alzheimer’s. To conclude, it has been found through different studies that there might exist a potential relationship between the usage of lion’s mane mushrooms and reducing the damage done to the brain through the Amyloid-beta plaques.

Might Help Against Depression and Anxiety

Two of the diseases that most people have to go through in their lifetimes are, depression and anxiety. Depression and anxiety can affect people in varying ways, and can become an obstacle in the progress of people’s lives, making it very difficult for them to function and get on with their lives normally. It has been found that about one-third habitants of developed nations go through depression and anxiety. One of the potential causes behind anxiety and depression, is chronic inflammation. However, positive news exists for the people who consume lion’s mane mushrooms, as the experiment with rats showed that the usage of lion’s mane mushrooms might have anti-inflammatory effects.

Multiple studies have been conducted and they showed that there might exist a potential relation between the lion’s mane mushrooms and the revival of brain cells. This helps in boosting up hippocampus, a chemical that is primarily responsible for releasing chemicals into the body, and so regulating one’s mood. Hippocampus is also thought to be responsible for one’s emotional responses to anything that might happen, thus it can help a person in aligning their response to something depressing that might occur. A study on women showed that the usage of lion’s mane mushrooms has helped them in alleviating the feelings of depression and anxiety, which is a great breakthrough, it shows that there might exist a cure for a pervasive problem that has been a source of disturbance in the lives of many.

Prevent Ulcers

Ulcers is another disease that might persist among people and make it difficult for them to carry on with their lives, it has mainly two sources: first; it can occur through the development of a bacteria called H.pylori, or the second reason; the damage done to the mucus of the stomach. Lion’s mane is believed to be an antidote for these problems, it can help against the potential development of H.pylori, as lion’s mane can prevents its growth. It also contributes to protecting the lining of the stomach. Several studies conducted on animals showed that the usage of lion’s mane mushrooms might actually be more potent in preventing the ulcers, as compared to some drugs that are widely being used. In addition to that, since these mushrooms are natural, there aren’t any side affects associated with them, while on the other hand, the drugs can have a lot of side effects.

Might Alleviate Risk of Heart Disease

One of the leading causes of death among people are heart diseases. A diet that might consist of higher levels of oil in it can lead to high triglyceride, which is deemed to be one of the main problems associated with the heart. A low-fat metabolism can lead to obesity and thus can put pressure on the heart, which can eventually turn into a major issue. It has been shown through different studies that lion’s mane mushrooms might be helpful in enhancing fat metabolism, and along with it, lowering the triglyceride levels in the blood.

The leading factor to the problem of high blood pressure is Oxidized cholesterol, which attaches itself to the surface of arteries and thus restricts the area of the artery, which eventually leads to high blood pressure. Different type of mushrooms, including lion’s mane, are believed to possess the ability to reduce the oxidation of cholesterol. Another problem that usually persists with the patients of heart diseases, is blood clotting, which can lead to heart attacks/strokes. Lion’s mane consists of hericenone B, which can curtail blood clotting, thus a minute change in one’s diet can prove to be a life saver.

The benefits associated with the consumption of lion’s mane are numerous, however it should be taken into notice that these benefits have been evidenced through the experiments conducted on animals, so it cannot be said with 100% certainty that these benefits will entail to humans. In addition to that, the benefits discussed are generally for all kinds of mushrooms, since all of them are very similar chemically and biologically, so these benefits can be attained by consumers of any kind of mushrooms. Since there has been a surge in the healthy diet trends, mushrooms can play a vital role in leading this unprecedented revolution. What really differentiates them from the rest is, that along with being healthy, they do not bow down even where taste is concerned.