Here’s Why Mushrooms Grow Kits Can Replace the Meat in Your Diet

Mushrooms Grow Kits

One of the great struggles of the world that we live in is that living healthy has become incredibly hard to maintain. A single glance across any of the commercial streets near you will tell you that much. In every nook and cranny, there is McDonald’s or a KFC trying to lure you in with their cheap, tasty, and unhealthy fast food. Research has shown that fast food itself has an addictive component to it. If you have been consuming fast food at a higher-than-normal rate for a good time, there is a good chance that weaning yourself off of KFC’s fried chicken is going to be hard.

What is perhaps even more alarming is that ‘healthy food’ is associated with the California tech millionaires, which communicates to the general public that living an organic life is going to be costly. While there is the fact that certain organic items have a degree of high-cost to them, there are alternatives now springing up in the market that are much more manageable for the average consumer to afford.

mushroom grow kits

Farmers Markets

Before the pandemic, farmers markets were limited to the poshest localities that you could find. The assumption was that only affluent people would be able to afford these goods. As the pandemic came into the scene with its extremely intimidating steps, the massive worldwide supply chains that many of the supermarket giants depend upon started to break down. All of a sudden, you could not get toilet paper from your closest Walmart anymore. It was a crisis that looked like was going to severely affect and disrupt the lives of the common consumer.

One of the greatest qualities of humans is that we are able to find solutions even in the darkest of times. When there is a gaping hole in the systems we have trusted for decades, one would expect that their absence would bring a literal stop to human mobility and sustenance. However, as it has happened in history so many times before and will happen in the future, life found a way. The local farmers who had been banished to the side with the ‘stack them high, sell them low’ approach of the supermarkets decided to bridge the gap again. Farmers markets opened up all over the country at an incredible rate, providing many with the supply of the basic goods required. Back in the day, supermarkets had beaten the farmers of the world because they had an edge when it came to scaling. They had capital and could afford to price everything at razor-thin margins and still make an amazing profit. They had access to delivery services and supply-chains which the common farmer simply did not have.

However, today, advancements in technology meant that farmers could still indeed compete with the big supermarket chains. Shopify and delivery drivers on the go mean that now farmers can become a firm unto themselves, and this has made organic goods much more affordable and within the reach of the average consumer.

Why Meat Can Be Detrimental to Your Health

Everyone loves chewing on their favorite chicken burger or ordering their favorite steak. However, there are a lot of health disadvantages that are associated with consuming meat. Many different types of meat have a lot of saturated fats, which are extremely bad for your health. Consuming too much can often lead to an alarming increase in your cholesterol levels, which is a one-way road down to an intersection called ‘Coronary Heart Disease’. While I may have used some humor to dispel how dangerous this path is, the facts of the matter remain. Today, America is one of the unhealthiest nations on the planet, with a real penchant for fried chicken. The correlation is pretty easy to spot, and this time around, the causation and the correlation point in the same direction. In fact, heart disease is the most common reason for death in both men and women in America. This time around, it really is important for you to listen to your heart.

mushroom growing kits

Mushroom Grow Kits and Their Magic

Now, many would say that they would die younger than live a long life deprived of the taste of meat. What if I told you that you do not need to necessarily make that sacrifice? Mushrooms have long been considered to be one of the best alternatives to meat since they have a lot of health benefits but also can mimic the same savory taste that people have come to love meat for. However, no one wants to go through the hassle of growing mushrooms from scratch. It is a valid criticism. You have to be basically an expert in science in order to understand the complex systems that are at play and execute them perfectly. Even a small mistake can adversely affect the overall product. 

Mushroom grow kits have come in and completely changed the game in that regard. Today, Lone Star Mushrooms produces a plethora of different mushroom grow kits such as blue oyster mushroom grow kits, lion’s mane mushroom grow kits and pink oyster mushroom grow kits. These grow kits have been specially designed by us to make sure that the hassle of growing mushrooms is completely minimized. All you have to do is to cut an X (marked), and mist until the grow kit is ready to bear fruit. After 7-9 days, you are bound to see results with your own personal mushroom mini-farm ready to go. It really is as simple as that. Now, you can avail all the amazing benefits of consuming something as healthy as mushrooms with a taste so good that you will never feel like going to that KFC again.