The Numerous Health Benefits of Lion’s Mane Mushrooms

benefits of lion's mane mushrooms

Known far and wide not only for their unique name but also their rather unique shape, lion’s mane mushrooms are one of the most popular types of edible mushrooms out there. Lion’s mane grow kits and lions mane jerky have become extremely popular amongst people who have decided to integrate mushrooms right into their diet. In fact, there are several mushroom grow kits easily available now. Considering the fact that farmer’s markets have slowly been able to build a real foothold in North American and European Markets, mushroom species such as blue oyster mushrooms and lions mane mushrooms have been able to reach the masses like no other time in history.

Plucked fresh from their habitat, they are transported the very next day to a farmers’ market where they are sold. In fact, vendors at the farmers’ markets have been dealing with shortages simply because their product is so popular amongst people. Farmers’ markets oppose the character of supermarkets quite vehemently. The first word that comes to one’s mouth when going to a supermarket is always ‘artificial’, whether it be the artificial smiles of the greeters or the artificial nature of their products. On the other hand, a trip to the farmers’ market almost proves to be therapeutic, with people laughing all around and conversing with the vendors freely. It is a social experience where friendships and bonds are made.

lion’s mane mushrooms

The gradual shift in attitude toward healthy food has meant that a lot of people have started experimenting with mushrooms and integrating more green food into their diets. However, for a lot of people, the taste of meat is still irreplaceable in many ways. These people are more interested in the taste than what the health implications of consuming large amounts of deep-fried chicken from KFC entail. This is where lion’s mane mushrooms can come in. Known for their rather savory taste that resembles meat quite a bit, they are often used as substitutes in dishes that are usually made with seafood or meat. The versatility of lion’s mane mushrooms is such that they can be consumed in a variety of different ways and in different types of dishes as well. In some recipes, they will take the center stage and enthrall the person who consumes them. In other recipes, they will be just as comfortable being on the side and supplementing the overall taste rather than taking it over.

Potential Protection Against Dementia

Our brain is a living organism in and of itself in many ways that are rather astonishing to see. We form new connections in our brains each day. Our brains physically change each day as we start making more connections. However, as we get older, our ability to make these connections starts to decline. For a lot of adults, the graph is even steeper and results in a variety of neurodegenerative diseases such as Dementia. The horrible-sounding name is only upped by the horrible nature of the disease itself. In many ways, you lose parts of yourself as your memory starts to go away. You are the product of your experiences and if your ability to access those experiences was hindered by a disease, you’d be left feeling incomplete. Imagine knowing that something makes you feel displeasure but you are not able to quite pinpoint exactly why you feel that way. This is the life of a dementia patient.

However, the good news is that lion’s mane mushrooms have special compounds that can help with the growth of brain cells such hericenones and erinacines. Studies on animals have found that can decrease the number of these symptoms. Amyloid-beta plaques are mainly responsible for the damage that is caused to the brain during Alzheimer’s disease. Studies have shown a possible correlation between the consumption of lion’s mane mushrooms and the prevention of the damage that amyloid-beta plaques are able to wage on the brain.

Might Help With Depression and Anxiety

Depression and anxiety are mental diseases that a vast number of people go through in their lives. There are varying degrees of anxiety and depression that people experience and most are able to somewhat function and cope in their lives without seeking medical attention. In fact, nearly one-third of people who live in developed countries experience symptoms of anxiety and depression. Chronic inflammation is known to be one of the possible causes of anxiety and depression. For people who consume lion’s mane mushrooms, this is great news as research on mice has exhibited the anti-inflammatory effects of lion’s mane mushrooms.

There have been other studies as well that mention the possibility of a scientific connection between the regeneration of brain cells and lion’s mane mushrooms. This in turn helps amplify the function of the hippocampus, a part of the brain that controls the release of chemicals around the body and thus plays a major part in mood regulation. It also has the responsibility of controlling your emotional responses to things that are thought to play a major part in how your respond to depressive news. What’s even more encouraging is that a study on women found that consumption of lion’s mane mushrooms helped them reduce their negative feelings of irritation and anxiety. This is truly great news as this not only affirms the trust of people in lion’s mane mushrooms but also provides a solution for a thing that the vast majority of people have to end up contending within their lives.

Prevents Ulcers

Ulcers are another widespread problem that happens due to one of two reasons. It can either be caused due to the excessive growth of a bacteria called H.pylori or damage caused to the mucous of the stomach. Lion’s mane has the potential to protect against the development of the H. pylori bacteria as it inhibits the conditions that are required for its overgrowth and also helps the lining of the stomach to heal. In studies that were performed on animals, it was shown that lion’s mane as actually more effective in being able to prevent ulcers than drugs that are being used by the vast majority of the population. Moreover, since lion’s mane is a remedy that is all-natural, there are no inherent side effects of consuming it while acid-lowering drugs carry with them a plethora of side effects.

Mushrooms in general also have the ability to prevent inflammation in the body. This can be in the small intestines and bowels where inflammation is a common complaint amongst the general populace.

Might Be Able to Reduce the Risk of Heart Disease

One of the growing causes of death all over the world, heart disease is an umbrella term that is used to refer to all sorts of conditions that affect the heart. One of the main contributing factors that affect the heart is high triglyceride levels which are often a result of diets that have excessive oil in them. For people who have a low-fat metabolism level, obesity and consequent pressure on the heart becomes a massive issue. Studies in mammals have shown that lion’s mane mushrooms have the ability to not only boost your fat metabolism but also lower the triglyceride levels in the blood.

Oxidized cholesterol has the ability to attach to the walls of arteries, causing them not only to harden but also to decrease the cross-sectional area of the artery. This is the main contributing factor to high blood pressure. Lion’s mane and other types of mushrooms have the ability to decrease the level of oxidation of cholesterol. Furthermore, the compound hericenone B also inhibits the levels of blood clotting. As blood clotting can cause heart attacks and/or strokes, this can tremendously help you achieve better heart health with a small change in your diet. I think most people would say that this is a worthy tradeoff to make.

We have explored the plethora of benefits that can be attained with the consumption of lion’s mane mushrooms. However, two things must be noted. The first is the fact that these advantages have been observed through trials mostly on mammals such as rats, so there is no evidence that can prove beyond doubt that the same effects will also be reproduced in human beings. The second is the fact that these benefits are ascribed to mushrooms in general as their chemical and biological composition is very similar. So, in actuality, these benefits can be enjoyed by people who are consuming any type of mushrooms. Considering the rise in the global trend of eating healthily, mushrooms have become the forefront warriors of the health revolution that we will be witnessing in years to come. The fact that they are one of the only ‘healthy foods’ that does not really compromise in terms of taste, you can expect your children to be excited at the dinner table that sauteed mushrooms have been cooked for supper.