Coffee Addict? Here’s A Healthy Alternative

Mushroom Coffee

In today’s day and age, coffee has become such an integral part of many people’s lives, that it is not possible for them to commence their day without having a cup of coffee. The hectic workdays of people haunt them every day, and they need a certain energy to carry on, this is where coffee comes in and plays a vital role in helping them get through their days.

The example of a person not being able to officially start their day without having an energizer is analogous to the example of a diesel engine refusing to start on a cold winter morning. For some people it is preferable to start off their day with a run early in the morning, and some kick off their day with some yoga. However, it is not possible for everyone to get up early in the morning and thus they choose the best available alternate option to them which does not require much energy. It is that particular thing consisting of some caffeine that boosts up their brain and prepares them for an energetic day ahead, yes you guessed it right, it is coffee.

How Does Caffeine Work?

You might be a bit curious about what exactly is responsible for this surge of energy you feel after consuming your Starbucks early in the morning. The main element behind the curtains is caffeine, a stimulant that invigorates your muscles, your central nervous system and your brain. The feeling of drowsiness that you might get when you wake up early is kicked out by the consumption of caffeine.

Caffeine recharges the cells of your battery, and makes your mind and body alert and gives you that touch of adrenaline that you need. It also elevates your blood pressure, so for people who might be suffering from low blood pressure, coffee can be of great help by raising their blood pressure. However, it should be known that coffee in itself doesn’t boost up your energy, but rather it increases your tolerance for tiredness. As you get used to it, you tend to crave it more and more in order to increase your vigilance.

mushroom coffee

Mushroom Coffee

The same old coffee by itself is very unbalanced, it just increases your tolerance for tiredness without inflating your energy levels. This is where mushroom coffee comes into play. Mushrooms help in increasing your alertness in a way that proves to be much more long lasting than just coffee. While the coffee gives you the boost for the day, the mushrooms contribute to increasing your focus in the long term.

Mushrooms are well known for their association with good health, and as the organic revolution continues to gain more traction, the demand for mushrooms keeps on increasing which eventually contributes to an increase in the crowd that you can see every Saturday in farmers’ markets. As science continues to progress further, these organic farmers try to make the most out of it by producing at an all-time high rate to match the demand that is at its peak as well. The invention of mushroom growing kits has made it a lot easier for a normal person who wants to grow mushrooms at home.

Without these kits, the process of growing mushrooms is a complex one that requires a person to take on a lot of things and possess basic know-how of the conditions that will help excel the growth of the mushrooms. So, for a normal person, it requires a lot of effort to learn all these skills. In this situation, mushroom kits come to rescue you by getting rid of some of the initial steps that are the hardest to carry out. All you need to do is kickstart the process and you will start to see results after a short period of time. The two main mushroom grow kits, blue oyster mushroom grow kits and lion’s mane mushroom grow kits, start showing  results in a few weeks. These two are also the ones that are able to retain themselves for the longest period of time, thus helping out the beginners by tolerating some marginal errors at the beginning.

Mushroom coffee is made by immersing the coffee with pieces of a particular type of mushroom extract, usually lion’s mane mushrooms as they are one of the best mushrooms out there in terms of the nutrient content. The extract of the mushrooms transfers its attributes to the coffee, assuring its consumer that they have got something healthy in their stomach as well. For further diversifying the effect of mushrooms, you can add their extracts which are sold separately as well, to your milkshake or smoothie, whatever you may prefer.

lion’s mane mushroom grow kits

Mushroom Coffee Can Help With Lower Attention Spans

In contemporary times, the rise of social media has made it really easy for people to be distracted by one thing or another at all times. You could be busy doing something very important, and you could be just one touch of a phone away from dwelling into a completely different world on the internet. This induces an inconspicuous problem; our attention gets divided into smaller pieces. So, it can become a big challenge when we might face a situation that would require a lot of our attention and we might find ourselves unable to focus on the problem at our hands. Some have termed it as the age of distraction.

Some people are wary of the drawback that has become inherent in their personality, the drawback of being unable to focus for a long-lasting time. They will try to use whatever may help them get rid of this lack of attention problem, some will try to integrate yoga into their daily routine, while some might tilt towards therapy, and some even might get themselves addicted to cigarettes. However, people often neglect the main cause at hand behind all this, the cure for it all goes down to one’s neurons. All these methods will eventually fall short, coffee will also provide only an ephemeral solution, and soon you will find yourself exhausted again.

Mushrooms can play a really important role in bringing out the best of your focus, they are backed by research in the fact that they increase focus and attentiveness of one’s brain. People who only consume coffee know for a fact that in the long term, it does not help you in backing up your focus and attention. On the other side, if you consume coffee mixed with mushrooms, you would be able to retain a much more focused brain, for a longer period of time. When you drink coffee mashed up with mushrooms, or even if you consume mushrooms solely, you will know that you feel much more focused than the level of focus you had by consuming coffee only. Mushrooms are a type of fungus; fungi are responsible for getting rid of waste and dead material by eating them and eventually producing fruits as a result of it. Mushrooms play this role for the brain, they take off the old rotten parts of your brains that might be holding back the best of your brain, hence helping you be getting back on track as an invigorated person, pushing onto newer heights.

A First Step Towards a Healthier Lifestyle

One of the catastrophic challenges that people in the modern world face is to lead a lifestyle that is healthy and fit. As access to junk food has become so easy, you can get your favorite KFC that is bound to prove to be detrimental for your health, at your doorstep by just placing an order while lying in your bed. So once again, it is mushroom coffee that will come to your rescue, as it not only elevates your focus, but it also contributes to you being able to lead a healthier lifestyle.

Mushrooms consist of a high amount of nutrients, which will provide you with a greater boost of energy and you will no longer need to reach out to KFC or other junk food. In addition to that, if you aim to take your healthy lifestyle to the next level, you can add mushrooms directly to your diet, which will be of even greater benefit. This will eventually make you much fitter, you will be able to feel like you once did in your adolescence, you will be able to play your favorite sport again, you will become ever more confident, and you finally might be able to get rid of the addiction of junk food.