A Comprehensive Guide to Cooking Blue Oyster Mushrooms

cooking blue oyster mushrooms

Blue oyster mushrooms are one of the most popular types of mushrooms out there. Known for their ability to grow even in less-than-ideal conditions, they have become a very popular starter mushroom for beginners. In fact, blue oyster grow kits are extremely popular these days. Essentially, these mushroom grow kits take a lot of pain out of the process and make sure that the learning curve for beginners in terms of growing mushrooms isn’t too steep. The blue oyster mushroom is almost instantly recognizable due to its blue shape and meaty texture. In fact, it is often used as a healthier alternative to meat or seafood. Before we delve into how to cook these blue oyster mushrooms, let’s first look at the benefits that can give to any person looking to add them to their diet.


blue oyster mushrooms

Blue Oyster Mushrooms Benefits

Blue oyster mushrooms are filled to the brim with rich nutrients that can lead you to a healthy lifestyle. One of those is vitamin D. Yes, that’s the same vitamin that you are supposed to get from sitting in the sunlight. These days, with long hours and the advent of work from home, people are barely going out of their houses anymore and are not able to fulfill their daily requirement of vitamin D. The benefits of vitamin D are only outweighed by the harm of not consuming enough of it. You can feel lethargic, weak and have low motivation to work throughout the day. This can adversely affect your productivity as well. In fact, vitamin D is incredibly important to make sure that your bones are strengthened as well.

Another huge advantage of blue oyster mushrooms is lowering the risk of cardiovascular diseases. All that KFC that you have been eating will take its toll after a while. The thing with diseases of the heart is that you seem to feel okay until it hits you all of a sudden. Once you have weakened your heart, there really is no going back. Beyond that, it’s really a stair that leads to a downwards spiral either way. This is why the best time to improve your heart health was yesterday, the second-best time is to do it now. Blue oyster mushrooms can do exactly that for you by acting as a substitute for other foods that could cause adverse harm to you. Just like anything that nature produces, blue oyster mushrooms also have a way of sending you back to the natural equilibrium. An equilibrium that will balance the forces inside of your body and lead to better physical and mental health.

The vitamin D that you find in spades inside of blue oyster mushrooms also helps with regulating your blood pressure. On top of that, the carbohydrates and fats that you might be consuming will slowly break your body down. With all the synthetic stuff that we have become accustomed to eating, our bodies have become a dump for micro plastics. The only way that we can go back is to start consuming foods that are organic and blue oyster mushrooms are a tasty option to exercise.

frying blue oyster mushrooms

How to Fry Blue Oyster Mushrooms

The best way to cook these blue oyster mushrooms is to pan-fry them. It gives them a powerful yet savory flavor that is always memorable. The ingredients that you will require are extra virgin olive oil, garlic cloves, fresh thyme, butter or ghee, salt, and black pepper. Don’t forget the showstopper, the mushrooms themselves. Blue oyster mushrooms can be quite easily found in the nearest farmer’s market. If you have grown your mushrooms yourself, you will have to clean them up using a brush and then take a paper towel and use that to get rid of the debris. The first thing that you need to do is to cut the mushrooms into equally sized pieces. Put three tablespoons of olive oil into a skillet and heat it. After the skillet has been heated to a sufficient level, add the freshly cut mushrooms to the skillet and let them be undisturbed for a few minutes. After a while, you will have noticed a yellowish burn to the mushrooms which will turn brown. Add butter to the mix, I recommend using ghee simply because it has a richer flavor and a more powerful aroma. Let it cook for another minute before adding thyme. Once they start to turn dark brown and very crispy, this means that your blue oyster mushrooms have been cooked.

There are a variety of different ways you can serve your delicious mushrooms. One way is to compliment them with some form of meat such as steak or chicken. The issue with that is the meat takes center stage in the mouth and might push these mushrooms to the side. There are other ways in which you can use these mushrooms as great complimentary flavor boosts. One example is to simply add them to a pasta dish. It adds excitement to a dish that might turn out to be boring otherwise.

So, this is a how-to guide on how to cook blue oyster mushrooms. The advantages of cooking these are apparent. The foremost is the fact that they are so easy to fry and really hard to mess up. More than that, they add character to any dish they become a part of. So, if there is any dish that you are scared might turn out to be bland, blue oyster mushrooms are a quickfire recipe for you to solve that issue without much grief. The best part is that they are quite aesthetically pleasing when served on a plate as well, which means that everyone who tastes your cooking will be able to enjoy the visual experience as well.