How to Cook and Clean Wild Mushrooms

how to fry mushrooms

In the modern world, when sustainable consumption is essentially on the rise, a lot of things are experiencing a boom in their demand. Chief among them are mushrooms. Mushrooms are one of the rarest types of food that are not detrimental to health as some other foods are, and come with the bonus of having a mouth-watering taste. While people consume a lot of junk food in today’s day and age, they ignore the effects this food has on their health in the long term. They only consider the taste that it provides them.

On the other side, many people have become conscious about their health and are seeking some alternatives that would not damage their health as much as the junk food, which is kind of their guilty pleasure. Many people eat KFC and other such fast food due to their infatuation for quick-cooked meat and even though they may try to get rid of their addiction of consuming junk food, they can’t seem to do it. This is where mushrooms come into play. Mushrooms provide them with the perfect alternative option available to them, as the taste of the mushrooms resembles that of meat. In addition to that you can make use of it in different types of dishes as they have a very wide palette of taste.

The farmers’ markets for mushrooms are also becoming ever more crowded and sometimes the situation can be such that if you do not reach out early, you might miss out on getting yourself some mushrooms that you were very much were looking forward to. The leading types of mushrooms are pink oyster mushrooms and lion’s mane mushrooms. They are at the forefront of the mushroom revolution. In addition to that, equipped with mushroom grow kits, it has become really convenient for people to grow mushrooms at their homes, as the mushroom grow kits allow the beginners to get past some of the difficult steps regarding the growing of mushrooms, making it really easy for you to grow mushrooms in your own homes.

Check out this article to see the vast advantages that mushroom grow kits provides in terms of a sustainable diet. Now, we'll get deeper into this hole of mushroom growth.

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How Do Mushrooms Grow

Before getting on with the cooking part, it is vital to know about the whole procedure leading up to it. Mushrooms normally require some sort damp environment for them to excel in their best nature and to provide you with the best of results that you are hoping for. This provides you with the opportunity to make use of your garage in more formidable ways. You can grow mushrooms in there now since it is sufficiently isolated from everything else. It should also be taken into notice as a word of caution that if you fail to keep up the very sensitive and strict conditions for growing mushrooms, you might not be receiving the results that you had your fingers crossed for.

The easiest and an efficient method for growing mushrooms is to make use of plastic bags and, insert wood chips and wood dust. Since the plastic bags are leak-proof, it makes it easier for them to be able to keep the water inside. Although this is an easy method, but it does raise some concerns, first and foremost is about the damage the disposing of plastic bags does to the environment, if you try to counter this problem by using the same plastic bags again and again, then the efficiency of the results also declines. So, you have to get new plastic bags every time you make use of ones you already have, so this adds to your cost of production, added on it by the fact that the disposing is definitely not looked at nicely when the environment is concerned. This has led some farmers to leave off these modern methods that are damaging the environment and get hold of the traditional methods that are being used since the primordial times, even though these methods might not prove to be as efficient as the modern ones, they choose it for the greater good of their environment.

Mushrooms Storing

If you want a perfect place for storing your mushrooms, put them in a paper bag and then in the center of your refrigerator so that they can allow free flow of air.


When you are done with everything, the very last step before cooking your mushrooms is a vital one, you must be careful in cleaning your mushrooms. The mushrooms are very sensitive and if you are not mindful while cleaning them, you can damage them. So the ideal way is to make use of a moist cloth, and wipe the mushrooms with it until you are sure that there is not any dirt on them anymore. The reason why washing the mushrooms with water is not recommended is because it can make the mushrooms taste a bit sloppy.

Wild Mushrooms


First of all, get rid of the stems of the mushrooms because they are often dirty, so it is vital to cut them off before you get on with it. After that, you need to cut the mushrooms uniformly into little pieces so that the heat is easily able to pass through them and provide you with evenly cooked mushrooms.     

How To Fry Mushrooms

Now that you have come so far, in order to elevate the overall taste of your struggle, you must make use of some sort of oil that would help in you making the results even better. Here you can use whatever oil you prefer, personally I would recommend making use of some ghee along with some olive oil, as it gives you a very good taste at the end. You can make use of butter oil and olive oil as well.

This is where you can try different things and whatever suits best to your taste buds, you can use it. After you are done with the oil part, now you have to get on with the heating part, first of all, you should be using a frying pan that is non-stick, after that you should also be very cautious about the level of heat that you use here, it is important that you do not go on either extremes here, the heat should neither be too high, nor too low, so you should opt for a middle ground between the two and use the heat at a moderate level. While heating the mushrooms, you will eventually notice a minute change in the color, then you need to overturn the mushrooms to be sure that both the sides get the heat and are cooked uniformly.

After this, you can add the seasoning as you may wish but be wary about adding too much of it, as it might eventually take over the actual taste of the mushrooms themselves. You can use salt, garlic powder or soy sauce, howsoever you wish in order to get a more equal taste. Though it is mostly recommended that you should put off the heat by judging through the change in color of the mushrooms, one can also judge through the smell of one’s own cooking, eventually something hits upon your heart and you know now that you have successfully cooked the mushrooms.

That is it with the whole procedure concerning the cooking and cleaning of the mushrooms, although at first it might seem like a complex process that is bound to be difficult, but once you get on with it you can be sure that it is not as difficult as it seems, and when you keep doing it again and again, you will get much better with it, as they say that practice brings along with it perfection.