How To Make Mushroom Tea: A Comprehensive Guide

Lions Mane extract

We envy celebrities a lot. Seeing their perfect skin, with bodies similar to Greek Gods and Goddesses, the urge to be like them starts to creep in. We proceed to dismiss them as being ‘fake’ and the result of several surgeries. However, the fact of the matter is that they take care of their bodies like no one else does. Everything from fried food to sugary sweets are completely banned in a Hollywood actor’s household. This is how they are able to sustain themselves for decades and achieve mind-boggling longevity. Actors like Tom Cruise epitomize this idea to its limits. The original Top Gun movie was released in 1986. Today, 36 years later, Top Gun’s sequel is ruling cinemas all over the world. In the center of it is still Tom Cruise, at the ripe age of 59 and still looking great.

Mushrooms tea

These days, the new trend with celebrities is mushroom tea. The elixir in pursuit for a longer and healthier life, mushroom tea boasts benefits compared to conventional tea that really make it a great option for people looking to invest more into a healthy lifestyle.

Some of the advantages include a more powerful immune system. Seeing as climate change is deteriorating the ideal conditions of the earth that have given rise to life for so long, our immune systems need to be even stronger, in order to tackle all the challenges that the new and improved bacteria and viruses of the world present. A great example is the COVID-19 pandemic. Before vaccines arrived on the forefront, the only line of defense a normal human being had was their immune system. Mushroom tea also has the ability to decrease inflammation across the body. This is due to the fact that mushrooms in general have antioxidants in spades. These same anti-oxidants also aid in decreasing blood pressure, a true godsend for people who are struggling with these issues. However, perhaps its biggest advantage is the fact that they provide a healthy option instead of caffeine. Moreover, mushrooms can be consumed in other ways as well. There are mushroom grow kits of most popularly blue oyster mushrooms, pink oyster mushrooms and lion’s mane mushrooms. Fried mushrooms are slowly becoming a favorite in households across America as well.

If you are in your late 30s or 40s, you are beginning to see the effects of aging start to set in. You can’t seem to run as fast as anymore. You get tired easily. You have to routinely pluck out white hair from your scalp. Your skin isn’t as smooth and tight as it used to be. It is enough to put just about anyone into an existential crisis. The process of aging has been accelerated with habits that have set in in the past decade. This can include sitting in chairs for too long due to the nature of work and entertainment consumption being mainly on personal computers now. Mushroom tea has promised to provide the best alternative to this. They are known not only for being able to energize the always tired human body but also being able to slow down the process of aging itself as well. Aging is essentially the gradual accumulation of tissue and cell damage in the body. This damage is often irreversible, meaning that once you have aged to a certain degree, it is impossible to turn back the proverbial aging clock. The idea is to slow down this proverbial clock as much as possible. This is where mushroom tea can come in. Research in mammals has shown that the degeneration of muscles and cells can be significantly slowed down with the consumption of mushrooms, ideally in the form of mushroom tea.

How to Make Mushroom Tea

Take two cups of water and a few grams of your favorite mushroom. Adding honey or lemon juice can really add character to the overall taste of the tea as well. Now, take about 180 ml of water, put it in a cup and start heating it until the boiling point. Make sure to completely crush the mushroom until it starts to look like a fine powder. The finer the powder is, the more powerful the taste of the tea will be so be sure to put some extra effort into this.

Take a tea bag and put it into the cup. Now, let it be for about 20 minutes. Once this time has passed, you can add the honey or lemon juice and even a combination of both into another cup of water being boiled to really spice up the taste of the tea. Once that has been left for a few minutes and completely mixed in with the water, you can mix both of the boiling cups together.

Your tea is ready! You can take a sieve to filter out the tea and then drink it to your heart’s content. The mixture might not be perfect the first few times, but you will eventually be able to figure out what the best mix is for you.

This is a short guide detailing a simple recipe that you can use to brew some awesome mushroom tea for you. Keep in mind that different types of mushrooms will require a slightly different brewing process as well. Considering the health benefits that are evident in the use and consumption of mushrooms, mushroom tea is a great way for you to substitute caffeine in your life with all-natural alternative known for its medicinal use. All the sleepless nights that you have endured due to overuse of caffeine will be a memory of the past as you will sleep like a baby with your mind and body on one page.