Pink Oyster Mushrooms: The Key to Adopting an Organic Lifestyle

pink oyster mushrooms

Pink oyster mushrooms are one of the most popular kinds of mushrooms being consumed out there. They are readily available in supermarkets not only in their regular form but also in the form of mushroom grow kits as well. Mushroom growth kits essentially streamline the relatively complex process of growing mushrooms at home. You already are given a pre-colonized fruiting block which has a metaphorical pause button on it that you can activate to set things to motion. In this way, you are spared all the work that is put into creating a colony for your mushroom to grow in. You can just set things into motion using your pre-made colony and start from the middle part of the process.

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Pink oyster mushrooms and oyster mushrooms in general are so popular amongst amateur mushroom enthusiasts because they are extremely resilient to non-friendly conditions, making them easy to grow even when the best possible conditions are not provided to them. This is in stark contrast to other types of mushrooms whose growth can be significantly inhibited if they are not provided with the perfect conditions needed for them to grow. On top of that, pink oyster mushroom grow kits offer a plethora of benefits if consumed. Let’s get into those first.


Pink Oyster Mushrooms Kit



Pink Oyster Mushrooms and Their Benefits

There are several advantages of oyster mushrooms that have contributed to their huge popularity in terms of consumption and growing.

Nutrient Rich

Ask yourself, what are the most important nutrients when it comes to leading a healthy and sustainable lifestyle? The ones that will appear immediately in your mind will be fibers and minerals etc. Being organic, pink oyster mushrooms have all of these nutrients in spades and can satisfy your daily requirements of these nutrients as well. Perhaps the best part is that they are low on carbohydrates as well. In recent years, people have realized that fats get a bad rep more than they rightly deserve and the actual culprit of an unhealthy lifestyle is the overconsumption of carbohydrates. For people who have to have a lower portion of carbohydrates in their life, especially people who want to lose weight or have diabetes, pink oyster mushrooms can prove to be a real gamechanger. Everything from vitamin B5, D, selenium, Potassium, Iron and Zinc are available in oyster mushrooms. On top of that, the fibers present in oyster mushrooms help with digestion as well.

Environment Friendly

Sometimes, in order to really understand the advantages of something, one has to look at the disadvantages of the alternative. For example, if one was to consume fried chicken instead oyster mushrooms, the disadvantages of fried chicken are easily apparent. They are cooked using electricity that is generally produced using gasoline that is one of the biggest causes of pollution inside the world. The largest environmental impact is being created by oil companies that have been plundering the resources of the earth in order to carve out oil that is further destroys our environment by being burned in different types of machinery that directly produces pollution. In order to go back to sustainability, we need to return to organic ways of growing our food. Food that gives back to the earth as much as it takes in. Pink oyster mushrooms are a great example of the fact that one can eat healthy and still not compromise on the delicious taste. Pink oyster mushrooms are known for their savory taste that is meat-like in its sensibilities and is often used as a substitute for seafood or meat in dishes that have traditionally always had some sort of meat. This means that if enough people start using it as a serious substitute for meat, it can have positive effects on the entire environment as killing of animals for food is one of the most prevalent causes of deforestation. This is due to the fact that people specifically breed animals for food, which means that that more and more plant life is destroyed by animals who are bred simply for the purpose of being a source of food. Consequently, if meat consumption was to be significantly reduced, the motivation to breed animals outside of their natural breeding cycles would also be reduced and thus there would be lower deforestation.


Antioxidants are perhaps the most important byproduct of consuming oyster mushrooms. Essentially, they help with reducing cellular damage in the body. Research on animals has shown a correlation between the slowing of the aging process and the use of antioxidants. Essentially, the reduction of cellular damage of the body slows down the process of aging in the body. Human life expectancy has been vastly improved in the past few hundred years due to antibiotics and antiseptics that have made sure that we don’t die that easily from infections. However, we have not really been able to slow the aging process itself substantially. These mushrooms themselves have ergothioneine, an antioxidant.

Protect Against Heart Disease

The direct benefit of consuming antioxidants is that they are able to protect against diseases such as heart disease and even cancer in some cases. Heart disease is the number one growing cause of death in the modern world. In fact, 1 in 4 people in the US die from some complication of heart disease. It is not really hard to see why. The US has one of the worst diets in the worlds in terms of the overload of carbohydrates and fats. Afterall, all those extra large cokes and hamburgers had to go somewhere. This sedentary lifestyle affects the heart directly since it leads to blockages in vessels that can lead to a higher blood pressure. A higher blood pressure over time will not only weaken the heart but almost all the systems of the body since the heart is connected to everything else. It is said that the physicians in Ancient Greece could easily detect what was wrong with a person simply by checking their pulse. This is evidence of the fact that one must view health as a holistic matter. If one system is functioning wrong, there is a good chance that something else will also start to go wrong.

Mental Health Benefits

Continuing from the point of viewing health as a holistic matter, it is also pertinent to mention that mental health is one of the most important components of the modern framework of a healthy life. Bad physical health will eventually affect your mental health and vice versa as well. Anyone who has struggled with higher blood pressure in their life knows the valley of depression that it can often lead to. In fact, studies have linked higher blood pressure to elevated levels of aggression as well. This is why adopting an organic lifestyle, of which consumption pink oyster mushrooms is a part, is so important. There is a reason that calm is almost always linked with nature. Buddha went out in the wild in order to find Nirvana. He did not go to the closest fish market. The idea that nature is the ultimate answer in the quest for peace is an idea that is as old as memory itself. There is a reason that you mentally feel better in a green field. It is the green energy of the thriving life around you that elevates your mental state on to something better. Consumption of pink oyster mushrooms also contributes to this in a similar way. Compared to deep fried chicken that will eventually lead to a plethora of health problems, oyster mushrooms will help you in every conceivable way and eventually lead to a more peaceful version of yourself.

Digestion Benefits

The struggle of the modern man to be sitting on the seat with their phone firmly in their hand waiting for ‘it’ to happen is one that is all too familiar. Studies have shown that the toilet seat is actually oriented in such a way that it inhibits the best possible chance of excreting fecal matter and can easily lead to constipation. It’s kind of disgusting to get into but is a reality that the majority of us struggle with now. One of the lifestyle changes that will properly help with this issue is to include more fibers in your diet. Through the process of peristalsis, fibers help promote better digestion that can lead to more consistent and healthier stool. Trust me when I say this: There is nothing more satisfying than the feeling that you have completely ‘cleared the backlog’, so to speak.

Immune System Strengthening

The immune system is your one line of defense against any foreign intruder that enters your body. It is the border police, army, navy and air force all rolled into one. So, it is fairly easy to understand why you must always strengthen your immune system. Plueran, a beta-glucan fiber has immune strengthening properties and has been found in spades in oyster mushrooms. The presence of plueran has shown effects in children who had persistent respiratory infections by improving their symptoms a lot.

Now that we have explored the benefits of pink oyster mushrooms, let’s explore a recipe for people searching how to fry oyster mushrooms.

Mushrooms Preparation

If you have grown your mushrooms yourself, it is a good practice to clean them thoroughly. However, washing them directly with water will lead to mushrooms that have lost their turgidity. So, the best course of action is to take a clean and damp cloth and use it to clean any dirt or debris that might be present. The next thing that you need to do is to cut them into little pieces that are equally shaped and sized. If you cut them into unequal parts, there is a chance that some pieces might be completely cooked, and some will not be completely cooked.

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Cooking Pink Oyster Mushrooms

Take a pan and add olive oil or some form of ghee to it. The amount really depends on your personal taste. Heat the pan with some medium heat. After a few minutes have elapsed, add the freshly cut up mushrooms to the pan. Keep turning them around so that they are cooked evenly throughout. After a few minutes of cooking, the mushrooms will start to take a brilliant gold color. This signals that the mushrooms are ready to be taken off the flame. If you cook them beyond this point, it is easy to burn them. Some people generally prefer crispier mushrooms. For those people, a few seconds of cooking will help to add the final layer of crisp that you want so badly.

One of the biggest advantages of oyster mushrooms is their sheer versatility. You can add any number of spices to augment their taste as you wish, and the end product will always be food that will water the mouths of even the most stringent of tasters. You can add garlic butter to or add herbs and even some white wine if you’re really looking to class up the proceedings. The possibilities are endless. One useful tip is to know that mushrooms are known to absorb a lot of oil so you will be better served to add a little more oil than usual. You will see that these mushrooms will easily absorb all that fat.

Pink oyster mushrooms seem to have it all. They are tasty and good for your health. It almost seems like a cheat code. On top of that, they are extremely easy to grow and cook. The best part is that they are a sophisticated looking dish so if you want to impress someone with your cooking, there aren’t a lot of dishes that will strike the right chords as well as some pink oyster mushrooms sauteed in garlic butter will do.