10 Most Common Types of Mushrooms

Lions Mane extract

Mushrooms are often thought to be a type of plant. That is not true in reality. Mushrooms are actually a type of fungi. Their difference compared to plants can be best seen by the fact that they like conditions where most plants will not thrive. These conditions are damp and dark spaces. The most crucial part of those conditions is the fact that they do not require sunshine and thus can be grown by urban farmers in their garages in dark environments. They also require a lot less space to grow compared to plants. The benefits of consumption of mushrooms are also readily apparent, with their organic nature allowing them to be good for the heart and immune system in a plethora of ways. In fact, research in mammals has correlated the use of mushrooms to better mental health as well. Decreasing cholesterol is a big plus as well, which is truly great news for all the heart patients out there looking to improve their diets.

Growing mushrooms at home have also become much easier due to the presence of mushroom grow kits. These grow kits include blue oyster grow kits, pink oyster grow kits and lion’s mane grow kits as the most common ones out there. Essentially, a mushroom grow kit is able to skip the first few steps of growing a mushroom. These steps are generally the hardest since they require conditions that need to be almost perfect. With a mushroom grow kit, a consistent watering schedule is all that is needed to make sure that your mushrooms are growing at the optimal level. Mushrooms like oyster mushrooms can grow quite fast and are able to withstand conditions that are less than ideal without much damage to the overall product as well.

Button Mushrooms

Button mushrooms are the stereotypical type of mushrooms that form the traditional image of mushrooms in the eyes of the general public. They are most commonly grown in the US. Cremini and Portabellos are mushrooms that are essentially related to button mushrooms due to the fact that they belong to the same conveyor belt. A button mushroom, if allowed to grow, will grow into a Cremini. The cremini will eventually grow into a portabello mushroom if given enough time to grow. In a way, they are reminiscent of how Pokémons go through a process of evolution in order to go to the next stage.

Cremini Mushrooms

Cremini mushrooms are essentially button mushrooms that have been allowed to grow for some time. Their age is also represented in their physical appearance, with them being darker and more firm compared to button mushrooms. They also have a more powerful taste as well and are considered to be superior to button mushrooms as a cooking ingredient as well. Even when they are fried and cooked, they will still possess their texture, something that will not be possible with a button mushroom. They are also known as Swiss brown mushrooms, Italian brown mushrooms, chestnut mushrooms and Roman brown mushrooms. Being larger in size compared to button mushrooms, they are easily recognizable as well.

Portabello Mushrooms

The final stage of the evolution, Portabello mushrooms are an icon of the cultural connection between Italy and the United States. They used to be exclusively imported from Italy, where the finest quality of Portabellos exists, but now they are grown all over the United States due to advancements in farming over the years. They are best known for their role as a meat substitute in dishes. The most famous use of this substitution is in Pizza, where they have been traditionally used for years. They are known as field mushrooms and even open cap mushrooms due to their appearance. Perfect for grilling, they are a favorite in the mushroom community.

Shiitake mushroom

The name is probably the worst thing about this mushroom. However, as you might have guessed from the nomenclature, they have their roots in the far east, being grown in China, Japan, and Korea. This is mainly the driving factor behind their important rule in Asian food. Their use in soup is perhaps what they are most famous for. In fact, the word ‘Shiitake’ means ‘oak fungus’ in Japanese. The word oak is exactly why they have a flavor that is considered to be ‘woodsy’. Once they have been dried up, their taste gets a lot more powerful as well.

Oyster mushrooms

Growing into mushroom stardom in recent times, oyster mushrooms are one of the most easily recognizable species of mushrooms out there. Mushrooms such as blue oyster mushrooms are considered to be the favorites of amateur mushroom scavengers because they are so easy to grow. What is even more interesting about them is the fact they are used in mushroom grow kits widely. This is mainly due to the accelerated pace at which they are able to grow. The largest species amongst oyster mushrooms is the king trumpet mushroom. They are also incredibly easy to cook because they are much thinner on average compared to other mushrooms and will cook much more evenly.

Enoki Mushrooms

Considering the name, it is readily apparent that this type of mushroom originates from Asia. They are one of the mushroom types that have the greatest penetration in the canned mushroom market as well. The best examples of Enoki mushrooms are the ones that strong and have white caps. If they are darker in color, that means that it is best that you don’t consume them. The crisp taste allows them to be used in dishes as a substitute for vegetables, making for a varied and exciting tasting experience.

Chanterelle Mushroom

Their orange color makes them easily spotted in the wild, making them one of the most popular wild mushrooms in the world. Native to the United States, they are also a very integral part of French cuisine, which is where the name comes from as well. Their trumpet-shaped appearance has earned them a reputation for being photogenic mushrooms, making their striking appearance one of the reasons why people consume them. They are also known as egg mushrooms, girolle, pfifferling, and golden mushrooms.

Porcini Mushrooms

A mushroom well-known for its place in Italian cuisine, Porcini mushrooms are known for their nutty taste. Since they are not grown in the United States on a large scale, they are notoriously hard to find. Dried Porcini mushrooms on the other hand are very easy to find and have a smell that reminds people of sourdough. Due to their popularity, they are cultivated at an industrial level and their dry versions are available in markets around the world. Some of their most popular uses include being sauteed with butter, and pasta, added into soups and other dishes where strong-tasting mushrooms are required.

Shimeji Mushrooms

One for the hardcore mushroom enthusiasts, these mushrooms have a distinctly sour taste if they are tasted raw. However, they are known to be an acquired taste and react extremely well to being cooked. In fact, their nutty flavor really starts to come out once they are cooked. Mainly being used in soups and stews, Shimeji mushrooms are a cornerstone of eastern cuisine but still fall behind in popularity compared to more conventional tasting mushrooms out there. They grow in clumps and are also known as beech mushrooms or clamshell mushrooms. Their texture is rather crispy as well.

Morel Mushrooms

Mushrooms are known for their variety in their shapes and sizes. However, for the most unique appearance, the price certainly grows to morel mushrooms. They are also known as Morchella mushrooms and have become an integral part of gourmet cooking. They are a massive part of French cuisine, with their savory flavor allowing them a status like no other in the mushroom world. Their cultivation is a rather complex process, with a certain geographic situation required for their growth. They are grown in countries like Pakistan, India, China, and Turkey. They can be gently Sauteed with butter and a simple seasoning can be added to them. If you like mushrooms that don’t break down in the mouth that easily, they are a great option to have. Some people enjoy them in soups and some people even use them as pasta fillings.

These are some of the most famous and commonly used and produced mushrooms in the world. These mushrooms can be broadly divided into mushrooms that grow out in North America and mushrooms that grow in the Far East. These two regions are clearly two centers with the greatest mushroom production. This is also exactly why mushrooms play such a central role in cuisine out in the Far East, with countries like Japan having mushrooms in almost every dish they cook.