Why Mushroom Grow Kits Are a Game-Changer for Indoor Farmers

Indoor Mushroom Grow Kits

The life of an indoor farmer is tough. Compared to their more-traditional counterparts, they do not have the luxury of vast expanses of land where they can grow their produce. This is exactly why a lot of people end up thinking that indoor farming in and of itself is more of a hobby than anything else. This could not be further from the truth. The amount of passion and work that is required in order to grow mushrooms at home is simply mindboggling. You have to make sure that every condition has been kept under tight control. The environment that mushrooms require is incredibly hard to calibrate and maintain. This has meant that a lot of people who have always reserved a passion for growing mushrooms at home have not really been able to act on it.

For these people, there is some good news that mushroom growing kits have been able to provide. There are several varieties such as blue oyster mushroom kit, pink oyster mushroom kit, and lion's mane mushroom kit available.In the health-conscious consumer climate of today, the demand for organic food has absolutely skyrocketed. A good test is to visit your nearest farmer’s market on Saturday. It can be predicted with almost certainty that most of the goods on sale are sold out within minutes of opening. This effect was also compounded by the collapse of global supply chains during the pandemic. The supermarkets that relied on these chains suddenly realized that they were facing extensive supply chain issues and would not be able to supply as much as they would normally do. This ended up providing a significant challenge for people around the world. Where would this excess demand go if supply was not able to satisfy it? This call for help was answered enthusiastically by the farmers of the world. They did not have to rely on these supply chains in order to produce their output. The snowball effect essentially resulted in boosted demand for organic products around the world. One of these is called mushroom grow kits. These mushroom grow kits are essentially a fruiting block that has a pause button on it. Once you buy a mushroom grow kit, you can ‘activate’ this process. Let’s get into how these will be able to bring about a revolution in the world of indoor farming.

Mushroom Grow Kits

Great For Amateurs

For amateur indoor farmers who want to get into growing mushrooms without making the learning curve too steep, mushroom grow kits are the ideal option. They are much easier to grow compared to growing mushrooms from scratch. A lot of the process that goes into synthesizing ideal conditions for growth has already taken place. All you have to do is to follow a few simple steps that are easy enough to replicate. Oyster mushroom grow kits are a particularly good example of this. Oyster mushrooms in general are known to be much more resilient in less-than-ideal conditions and are still able to maximize their potential growth even when the person supervising the process might be a novice in growing mushrooms. This brings the learning curve drastically down and invites a lot of people into growing mushrooms at home who do not have the time to completely dedicate to growing mushrooms.

Health Benefits

The health benefits of consuming mushrooms are simply endless. Research in mammals has shown that consumption of mushrooms is correlated with higher cognitive function. This means that fried mushrooms are perhaps the real brain food that you need to eat before exams. What is even more impressive is that this rise in cognitive function will also serve you in old age. Alzheimer’s, Dementia, and Parkinson’s are all complications that develop due to a decline in cognitive function. As you get old, your brain starts to resemble an old, overworked processor that cannot compute calculations at the same speed anymore. Mushrooms are able to play the role of some thermal paste that safeguards against damage in the future.

Immune health is a very important facet of our overall health. If you are not able to protect yourself from the raiders who come from the outside, then you will feel like you were ‘looted’ of your energy after the new viral infection takes a toll on your body. Blue oyster mushrooms are especially known to boost your immune health in a very powerful manner. Gone are the days of you holed up in your blanket with a fever, afraid to infect your loved ones.

Environmental Impact

If you end up consuming the mushrooms that you will be growing through a grow kit, you will also realize that your carbon footprint will decrease dramatically. It is no secret how processed food is made. Many gallons of water are wasted in plants that emit hazardous chemicals to create the greasy food that you love to eat. If you are able to cut back on processed food with the consumption of mushrooms to replace it, you will be significantly cutting down on your carbon footprint as well. Considering where humanity stands in terms of climate change, every little bit is bound to help in the long term. This is why the shift towards organic food is so important. It tells a tale that the people of earth want to listen to. People want to give back to the earth which we have all collectively taken so much from.

So, these are just a few of the many reasons why mushroom grow kits such as blue oyster mushroom grow kits, lion’s mane mushroom grow kits and pink oyster mushroom grow kits are the seeds of the organic revolution. At the forefront of this very revolution will be indoor farmers who will be organically producing their output and sharing it with the world.